Saturday, March 19, 2011

Weekly To Do List Review

Work Related
Sign up for additional online course
--Word (started so this week finish)
--Excel (sign up and get started)
Organize desk and desktop
Organize file
Apply to jobs (monthly ttl 20/annual ttl 116/interviews 0)
Email Jessica

I haven't checked how many jobs I applied to this past week so I still need to update the totals but, until I have a job, this is something that will obviously not be crossed off the list so much as it will be an ongoing record of my commitment to finding a job.

Conference Work
Upload conference call notes to blog (from 3 March)
Send out March newsletter
Begin mid-month note
Upload and post-date poems to blog
Remove poem and transfer to newsletter
Listen to Lifelines and take notes (cd 1)
Write poetry e-workshop outline
Send outline to John

There is some big news regarding the volunteer work I do for the conference but I'm not in a position to say anything at this time.  Because of this shift, you may see less here than before and then the announcement . . . probably in another month or so.

Get email inbox under 350 unread (currently 435)
Write Patrick (re 2010)
Write Momma (re book and box)
Write Evi (re package)
Write Saila
Write Greg (re holidays)

I did it!  I got my email down to 350.  Next week:  300!

Organize shelves in guest room
Clean blinds in great room
Organize shelves in great room
Scrub kitchen floor

Most of this week I tried to find a rhythm to my day but I am still having a hard time sinking into a routine.  Early this week it occurred to me that my day-to-day life feels out of control this year because I haven't had a chance to settle into a routine.  Think about the year thus far--Rob's surgery, my back, then a virus--and it becomes quickly apparent why I am not feeling like my life has any routine.  It will happen.  It always does.  But it won't happen overnight.

Reiki meditation 5x per week
Update well-being blog twice
Update personal blog twice
Update body blog daily
Study Italian 3x
Post piece online (Monday)
Write letter to hospital for Rob

I got some of these things done but I didn't track them.  Oops.  Again, part of my having a routine.  I also removed all of the exercising from this list last weekend because I was still recovering from the virus.  I was actually able to exercise even though I didn't have it listed as something to be done.

Walk with Kanika (Saturday)
Schedule new game day
Bibisitting Saturday (woohoo!)

Kanika had to cancel our walk but we rescheduled for today.  Whew!  And Bibisitting is always fun. 

The Self-Compassion Diet
Stories of Illness and Healing: Women Write Their Bodies
You Can Beat the Odds!
Art & Lies

Write Reviews
Peace and Plenty chapter 3
Lady Susan
Some Personal Papers
Art & Lies

Friday, March 18, 2011

Weekly Quotes Part 11

You Can Beat the Odds 

Quoting Abraham Maslow 
If you deliberately plan to be less than you are capable of being, then I warn you that you’ll be deeply unhappy for the rest of your life. (128) 

Living fully, regardless of test results, often reflects an inner state of congruence of harmony, a reflection of how in tune we are with our deepest nature. To do this requires that we know ourselves in more than a superficial way. (130)

"In more than a superficial way." I realize that most people choose not to look deeply into their own lives, the things that motivate them. Living unconsciously, choices are made that are deeply rooted in myths from the past that no longer hold true. We do what we do because that is how we have always done it or how our family said we should do it or how society expects us to do it. It takes work, often difficult and always challenging, to questions these things and even when we are aware that something we held true no longer fits, it isn't always simple to make the necessary changes. Replacing habitual myth with relevant truth is complicated but the only way to live above and beyond the superficial.

Keeping a diary or reflecting on your day in the evening is a way to systematically take stock of the various influences on your moods, energy, or symptoms. Rate the effect of every endeavor, encounter, energy or experience on a scale of one to ten, with one being the least rewarding and ten being the most. (Watch your associates: some clinicians speak of emotional contagion–negativity can be contagious!) (134) 

It is not always easy to do this and it can be scary, to consciously choose to not allow negative people into your life. It is, of course, especially challenging when the person is family, a loved one who simply cannot be avoided altogether. But there are things we choose to do or not do that either support our emotional well-being or compromise it and, where possible, it is not an act of selfishness so much as an act of self-preservation to create boundaries.

[M]ore often than not, time stress is an excuse for not taking control of one’s life. (143-144) 

[W]e’re only as healthy as the secrets we share. (162) 

For writing to be truly therapeutic, it must be free from censure. (169) 

Feelings just are; they’re not right or wrong, they just exist. (169) 

Dealing with what is–even if it’s unpleasant–and then moving on to appreciate and express gratitude for all the good things in life keeps us moving forward in a positive direction. (178) 

Stockdale leaves no room for denial here. You don't move forward or express gratitude without first dealing with, fully facing, the unpleasant. Avoiding the unpleasant is tempting but unproductive.

You are always the expert on your symbols! (182) 

This statement is one of the reasons why I resist interpreting people's dreams.  I get asked to do so often.  I don't think it is useful ever.  I can only interpret the symbolism in a dream based on my own experience with those symbols.  My unique visceral response to specific things is based on my experiences and puts the symbolic meaning in a context that is relevant only to me.  In other words, your symbols don't mean the same thing to me as they do to you so my interpretation of your dream is really the interpretation I would suggest if the dream were my own.  But it's not. It's not my own and to reap the full benefit of what a dream means then the dreamer has to do the work of interpretation.

Since feelings often follow thoughts and behavior, a short-cut to practicing commitment to yourself is to imagine someone else in your shoes. Some you care deeply about. If your best friend or daughter were in your situation, how would you want them to consider themselves? Would you want them to push, prod, and berate themselves? Exhaust their mind and body? Deprive themselves of good things? (203) 

 Commitment to one’s personal well-being are essential ingredients for a lifetime of self-care. (203) 

It's strange I only have quotes from the one book. I'm reading several but this is the only one that proved quote-worthy this past week. Oh well.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Woodland Belle Supports Japan

I had to share this because these are so pretty and would make a lovely gift for the young romantic woman in you life.  Or even the future princess in your life.  Or just for anyone who likes pretty things in their hair.  So here's a lovely way to do something for Japan while adding a pretty something into an Easter basket or what have you.

Woodland Belle
Photo by Sloan Photographers

 Greetings from Woodland Belle!  

Cherry Sakura Blossom Tiny Twig Hair Pins
Proceeds from these special spring hair pins benefit Japan disaster relief.

In light of the recent tragedy that has struck Japan, Woodland Belle is donating 20% of all sales to the Japan Disaster Relief Fund through from now until March 31.  In addition, 50% of all proceeds from Cherry Sakura Blossom Tiny Twig Hair Pins sales will also be donated.  In order to give as much as possible to the relief efforts there is no discount coupon in this month's newsletter, but look forward to special new developments next month!
Click here to shop.

Our hearts, prayers, and thoughts go out to the victims of Japan's disaster.

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Politics of Pets and Pussy for the Single Woman

Because a reader requested it, I dug up this over a decade old piece.  It was originally written to be a spoken word poem for an open mic but as soon as I started reading it I wanted to revise it into a humorous essay.  Unfortunately, I knew if I were to begin doing that, it would be weeks or even months before I posted this at all.  So, lest it be said that I have no follow-through as a blogger, here it is.  I no longer consider this a spoken word poem.  I think I'll just say this is a fleshed out outline for what will become an essay in the future.

The Politics of Pets and Pussy for the Single Woman

Choosing a pet is a political statement
And can make or break your chances
Of finding true love or even getting laid;
So take note and choose well.

The cat is an obvious choice
For the ease of pet-care
But men will assess the future potential
Of the relationship accordingly.
If you own a cat, the man will think
You are either
     Or laid back
What you think of this is irrelevant.
In his mind he knows when you will fuck him.
If you are insecure, you are easy-
You want him so you will give him
What he wants when he wants it how he wants it.
He gets fucked. You get fucked. Case closed.
If you are lonely it will take more effort
And definitely more than one date.
The lonely cat owner always has more than one cat
And the cat to sex ratio increases exponentially.
The more cats the more dates before he will get laid.
Most men simply won't put in the time and energy
Would rather look for someone easier than bother
And the lure of your pussy is outnumbered by
The number of pussies sharing your bed already.
Three or more cats and he won't return
For a second date, nor will he call again.
Three Persian cats guarantees
You won't even be "just friends."
The laid back cat owner may or may not be easy;
She likes the independence of a cat and will
Declare herself equally appealing because she,
Like her pussy, is indpendent, doesn't need
A man to take care of her which is why she
Prefers cats to dogs because they are easier.
No matter how many cats she has the guy
May or may not get lucky because
Pussy is pussy is pussy.

Some women will choose the more obviously masculine pet
A dog.
A woman who chooses a small dog
Also known as "the ankle biter" may as well hide the dog
Hoping the guy never finds out the truth
Or give up hope of ever having sex with a man again.
If a man can step on it and kill it,
he cannot take the dog seriously.
For a man to take a dog seriously
The full-grown canine must be at least 3 feet high on four legs
Weigh at least 30 lbs before eating a full meal.
However, if the dog on its hind legs is taller than the man
Or outweighs him, the dog is a threat to the man and
You will have the two of them fighting over you.
While this may thrill you as a pet owner to see
Your adorable puppy being jealous, the man
Does not want to fight with anything bigger than you
Just to get lucky.
Unfortunately, even with the perfect dog
Sex becomes complicated if you own one.
If you have a cat, having sex with the cat in the room
Is of no consequence although having a feline staring
While you are writhing can take some getting used to.
A dog, however, knows its master, or mistress, as the case may be
And the master, or mistress, must always be on top.
Men do not mind this if the dog is yours because then
If the dog is in the room, you must always be on top.
This hinders variety, automatically leaving many positions
Out of the running, especially doggy style.
If the dog is his, then the man must always be on top
But then you can go back to doing it doggy style.

A snake is both good and bad.
For some men, the snake is an erotically suggestive pet,
Especially if you are an exotic dancer by trade.
Then the snake is definitely a plus. However, some men
Will take certain connotations from the length, width, etc.
Of the pet snake as either a positive or negative comparison
The morning after. Given that you can never know how a man
Will interpret a snake, they are best left off your list.

Fish are not pets.
They are room décor, a channel-less television
Meant to relax the owner. You are trying to arouse the man
Not put him to sleep, remember this.

Any pet which is a rodent-
Rabbit, ferret, gerbil, hamster-
Is merely vermin
Easily exterminated
Easily ignored.

Reptiles are confusing. Women don't normally like
Lizards, frogs, and such. Insects, such as spiders, are simply
Not a rational pet for the average woman.
If you get a reptile or insect for a pet
Prepare yourself because you will attract
The freaks of the dating community.
This may or may not work for you, depending
On how kinky you really are in bed.

Finally, if you are a single woman
Do not get a bird for a pet because
In a man's mind a bird is merely food
For the cat or dog or snake, if it is large enough.
If you get a bird for a pet
Buy a cage with a lock and make sure the key fits
Your chastity belt because you are not
Going to get lucky anyway.

PS: If you have any pets
Which qualify as livestock
Or any form of barnyard animal
And you meet a man who finds this terribly exciting
Run-do not walk-
To the nearest exit.