Friday, May 20, 2011

My Trip 2011

I could, I suppose, go into tedious detail about the trip but rather than bore you more than I typically do, I’ll just focus on the bare bones of things.

  • Leave from Atlanta airport on a flight that was surprisingly smooth. 
  • Arrive in Newark and my luggage is the first off the carousel.  (I suppose statistically this happens but I don’t fly often so for it to happen to me is remarkable.)
  • Get to my mother’s and Larry is not there but Ralph is happy for me to be there.  Beauty, not so much.
  • (Ralph = shih-tzu, Beauty = amazon parrot)
  • We run errands (drop Beauty off to be bird sat while we are away and Trader Joe’s).
  • Then we go to a Thai food restaurant where I have black noodles (?) because there is no ginger chicken.
  • Home again to relax before bedtime and hang out with Larry who is home from a dinner party.
All in all, it was a good start to my trip.  The weather was accommodating and I had repacked for tomorrow’s trip already by the time I went to bed.  The dinner was delicious and my mother and I just love spending time together so neither of us had any complaints.

  • Chocolate croissants and coffee for breakfast.
  • Drop off Ralph at the vet for his vacation.
  • Off to the New Age Health Spa.
  • We do not stop for lunch nor do we arrive in time for lunch.  Oops.
  • Unpack and read and relax until gentle yoga and meditation with Lyn.
  • Dinner (tofu kabobs to which Rob says “yuck”)
  • Qigong workshop with Randi.  (I was sweating the energy was flowing so well.)
A good start to our spa stay although we noticed several changes and had to reaclimate ourselves.  The boutique had been moved and the schedule seemed greatly reduced.

  • Sunrise hatha yoga with Randi.
  • Breakfast buffet.
  • Scheduled spa treatments. (My mother insists and, believe it or not, I have a hard time accepting her generosity.  Take note, because this is a theme throughout.)
  • Lunch with my mother.
  • Lecture on juicing and detoxing with Randi.
  • Qigong practice with Debbie. (Swimming dragon . . . ooooh ahhhhh.)
  • Yin Yoga with Randi.
  • Dinner (seitan enchiladas were very yummy)
  • Evening lecture: Psychic Bodywork with Michelle Lorenzo
  • Evening Movie: My Kid Could Paint That (documentary)
Another slow and easy day.  Because the schedule no longer is as full, it is easy to pick and choose.  Unfortunately, due to the rain and my only having a single pair of shoes, I was unable to go to the labyrinth or participate in any of the hikes.  So I ended up doing less than I had hoped.  On this day my mother had a Reiki treatment and a facial.  The Reiki treatment created a health crisis in her (not unusual) and she was in more pain than usual (very unfortunate).  I had not expected to like the evening lecture but I did and am now more intrigued than before by the idea of intuitive healing.  The evening movie was provocative and interesting.  I recommend it but it won’t make you feel good and you certainly will walk away thinking.

  • Sunrise hatha yoga with Debbie (with a lovely lotus hands which I showed my mother at breakfast).
  • Breakfast with my mother.
  • My first spa treatment–a shirodhora treatment while my mother had a shiatsu treatment.
  • Lunch
  • Lecture on transforming stress with Randi.  
  • Gentle yoga and meditation with Randi.
  • Dinner (turkey loaf as good as meatloaf, trust me)
  • Evening lecture: Intensive Care for the Nurturer’s Soul led by Hueina Su.
The spa treatment was lovely, an opportunity to open up the third eye and since I’d hoped to get some insight during this trip, this was a natural first treatment choice for me.  Plus, the oil deeply moisturizes the hair.  I wish I could find a video that shows the lotus hands movement meditation because it was so lovely.  Unfortunately, everything I am finding is not the same so either there is another name for it “out there” or there is a specific school of yoga.  I wrote out how to do them and perhaps I did it adequately enough for it to make sense.  If I remember, I’ll transcribe it for the blog.  The lecture was interesting and the presenter lovely.  She has an interesting story.  I was charmed by her.  After the lecture (which my mother did not attend) we went to bed.  We were both too tired to stay up for the movie.

  • Sunrise hatha yoga with Randi
  • My mother had an acupuncture treatment while I read.
  • Lunch (very spicy sauce over otherwise yummy ravioli)
  • My second spa treatment (sugar scrub and body butter rub down)
  • Hatha vinyasa flow yoga with Lyn
  • Restorative yoga with Lyn
  • Dinner (chicken masala)
  • Evening lecture: The Venus Evolution led by Hueina Su
The spa emptied out significantly and by the end of the day there were only six of us still there.  I would have been alone in the vinyasa flow class had two other women who live in the area not shown up.  My mother joined in on the restorative yoga practice and then the two of us were the only ones at the evening lecture.  I felt so badly for the speaker and for the spa in general because it is such a great place and deserves far more activity.  On the other hand, it was nice to have such intimate and small groups.

  • Sunrise hatha yoga with Debbie
  • My third and final spa treatment–an aroma wrap with rose scented oil
  • We leave before lunch because my mother had received 2 messages but could not listen to them.  (Only enough signal to mock you with calls you can’t answer and voice messages to which you cannot listen.  Very annoying which is why I kept my phone off for the duration of our stay.)
  • Back home very quickly, more quickly than we had thought it should be.
  • Larry arrived shortly thereafter, sick from food poisoning or a stomach flu or something.
  • Relax until dinner of chicken and veggies and dessert (apple pie ala mode)
  • After dinner conversation and then early to bed.
It was still raining, naturally.  But it cleared up when we got home.  Larry was miserable, needless to say, and my mother and I were both exhausted.  The treatment was lovely and the hatha yoga was a great way to start the day and end the spa stay because I was the only one in the class.  It was challenging, a flow sequence that included Warrior II, side angle, triangle, twisted triangle, etc.  I think I pushed myself more than I have in a long time with my yoga practice and I loved it.  I learned a few things about how I can build my way up and into a flowing yoga practice and I may try to incorporate more vinyasa type things into my daily practice. Not daily but at least occasionally.

  • Woke up too early.  Coffee and croissants for breakfast.
  • My mother needed to run errands but asked me to stay home because I slow her down.  
  • Larry and I had lunch (salad with the leftover chicken).
  • Janice and Bill arrived and the four of us were off to shop at the mall.
  • Larry bought me a bag but I didn’t find anything else I especially liked.
  • Home again and off to dinner at Café Panache.
  • Home again and hugs goodbye all around.
  • Larry and I stayed up and talked (as we typically do on my last night).
  • Then bed.
Kate Spade Large Black Messenger Baby Diaper BagPouring rain at times made the mall shopping less than lovely.  It was an outdoor mall (which my mother said reminds her of the village in the original Prisoner television series to which I have to confess, I agree).  Janice looks amazing.  I mean, I am so in awe of her.  She is just beautiful.  Larry told me later that she does pilates 2x a week, runs 2x a week, and does yoga once a week.  Then he reiterated how essential it is that I lose weight because some of the pain with which my mother is now living is the result of her weighing more once upon a time.  I had a hard time finding anything to buy because nothing fit.  It was discouraging and disheartening to say the least.  I tried and I fought back tears trying.  But I now have a very expensive bag that I like very much.  Didn’t realize it’s a baby bag until I got home.  Oops.

  • Woke up way too damn early.  Forced myself to go back to sleep and I had a nightmare.  
  • Raisin and walnut bread for breakfast with coffee.  Yummm . . . .
  • Relaxed and read while my mother made calls and appointments and Larry did the same with emails and such.  
  • Larry left for an appointment and the car arrived to take me to the airport.
  • The flight was delayed and we hit a bit of turbulence but it wasn’t too bad.  I was exhausted.  Very.
  • Bought Bibi a couple of books at the airport.  Was so so so happy to be home.
  • Greeted by two insane Siberian huskies when I walked through the door.
  • Made dinner for myself and Bibi and Erin.
  • I was alone for a while, unpacking and doing laundry.
  • Rob came home and we caught up a little.
And that is how my trip ended, with a bit of a whimper from Ralph and really desperate ones from Romanov and Snowdoll.  I went to bed later than I should have but I was trying to get as much done before lying down as I could because I honestly didn’t know how I would feel the next day (today, as I type this) and wanted to do as much as I could before I collapsed completely.

Another trip to my family has come and gone.  When your family is as amazing and loving as mine, it is easy to go for a visit and easy to go home as well because home is always the place I most want to be and the only thing that could make it all better is if we lived closer.

I'll likely write out some more reflective moments.  Feel free to ask me to "flesh out" any parts of the trip that I didn't explore with any depth.  I figured it would be less tedious to read and write if I just hit the notes and see if anything interests you, my dear readers, further.  I'm happy to oblige as best I can.

Weekly Quotes Part 20

Anne of Ingleside

One wore mourning in those days with a vengeance.  (116)

He sometimes talked real poetical but he meant well.  (117)

That second quote just made me chuckle.  The character, a widow wearing her weeds with a vengeance, is talking about her husband and I just love that “but he meant well.”

Writing Personal Essays

To make a poem sound right and mean right, I had to listen closely to it, check it with my ear and my heart, until all my conscious mind’s attempts to short circuit the revelation of truths and supply unearned truths were stopped.  (xx)

You have the right to say what you want about your experience.  (5)

Intensive Care for the Nurturer’s Soul

Self-awareness is the first step of any positive change.  (16)