Thursday, November 10, 2011

Just one of "them" days

So last night I got some bad news. Not devastating but not good either.

Woke up to some more bad news. Frustrating more than anything else but it was disappointment heaped on disappointment.

Then I got an email that pushed me to the edge but I had to study so I just fought back the tears, sucked it, and focused on schoolwork.

Today in class some school administrator came in and announced, in the second prerequisite class, that the class for which I (and three other students) were taking these prerequisites was not going to be offered any longer.

So I basically had one of those days when the hits just kept on coming and the irony is that I could have let myself cry, not studied, and I'd still be right here where I am now.  Except my eyes would be all red and swollen from crying so maybe all's well that ends well after all.

Tomorrow I have to 1) demand a refund, 2) find a new location for this course work or 2b) find another course option altogether.

I'm being too pragmatic to cry.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Quote of the Day

Me:  It used to be so much easier.  I want to go back to when things were easier.  My children celebrated their birthday here because they lived here and they were here for Thanksgiving because nobody else wanted them to eat at their house.

This was more about my complaining about how hard it is to coordinate special family things than it is about who is where when.