Sunday, December 18, 2011

Following/Unfollowing Follow-Up

I have unfollowed all blogs (see below).
But I have created a blog roll (see blog list to the right).
If your blog is not there and should be there, please leave a comment.  
I may have dropped a blog or two unintentionally.

So whatever the glitch was, apparently blogger has begun to fix it.

I can no unfollow all blogs.  Unless the blog was deleted.  In which case, it is still there in my feed.  Which is just weird because I still contend that the easiest ones not to follow are the ones that don't exist.

People have been following things that don't exist for millenia so maybe I'm being naive.

What does this mean?

Well, I've decided to unfollow every blog I am currently following.  However, I've also added a blog roll to the sidebar so I can still keep up with the blogs I'm reading.  This also gives me more control because I add or remove each blog manually, rather than trusting blogger's feed to do it right.  So if someone deletes a blog, I can easily do the same from my blog roll.  No unnecessary clutter.  And no twinge of sadness when I'm reminded of a blog that is gone because of something that happened, something that shouldn't have happened.

The truth is, I still have some pruning I need to do from the blog roll list but I can do that later. I am too busy playing catch up with other things to do that at this time.

But hey!  At least blogger fixed whatever the issue was.  Now if only I could unfollow blogs that don't exist . . . .

EDIT:  Back when the glitch was still in place, I tried several different ways to unfollow blogs.  Now that the glitch has been fixed, I went ahead and tried a different way to unfollow blogs and I was able to delete the blogs that no longer exist.  So yay!  I am officially not following any blogs.  However, my blog roll suggests that I am reading several blogs that haven't been updated in a while.  Make of that what you will.  I've wasted a whole morning doing this and now it's time for me to go do something else, something fun and productive.