Sunday, January 29, 2012

Week Four Preempted For Today's Breaking News

I had thought today I would write about last week which was, truth be told, dull.  Except for the puppies who seem to continue to be doing crazy things whenever Rob and I leave the room.  I also had a couple of silly quotes from me and one from Bibi, my granddaughter.

But then Romanov who is perfectly fine now had a seizure, a particularly bad one from which he emerged disoriented, temporarily blinded, and struggling to walk.  He hasn't had a seizure in a long time and this is only his second.  I know that there's nothing to worry about and that he came through okay.  He ate. He drank some water.  He was even rough-housing with Snowdoll.

Yeah.  He's fine and I'm a collapsed mess, trying to focus on my studying and catching myself just staring at the page unable to remember what I just read.  So I surrender.  I'm going to grab a book and head off to bed.

How shook up was/am I?  I forgot to eat dinner.  I just realized.  Rob even reminded me.  And I think I got up to make something but I didn't and now . . . I'm eating popcorn before I go to bed.  Does that count as dinner?  Probably not.  Oh well.  Too late now.