Sunday, February 05, 2012

What a Week!

Our beautiful boy
doing a-okay!

Here we are nearly one week into the second month of the year.  I am happy to say that Romanov did not have another seizure.  We did not have to take him to the veterinarian and we now can breathe a little easier.  Our fingers will remain figuratively crossed for the next few months because we’re not quite out of the woods where he is concerned but at this point we’re about as clear of things as we could hope.

Also “clear of things” is Rob’s childhood friend who was in a car accident earlier this week.  His face was “ripped open” but a few hours of plastic surgery and it looks like he may come out of things virtually scar free.  He is obviously far luckier than the other childhood friend who was in a car accident a few years ago and nearly died, was in a coma for several months, and came out of it far from normal.  He survived but he is no longer the man Rob has known and loved since they were both teenagers.  But none of them did as well as Rob’s friend down in Florida who as in a motorcycle accident this past week and came out of it with a few scratches although his bike is banged up a bit. 

For those of you trying to keep score:  1 seizure, 2 accidents, 1 hospitalization, 1 surgery.

This is how I was feeling
by the middle of the week except
my glasses broke on Wednesday.
And if only the surprises stopped there.  But they didn’t.  There was the paycheck that was held because the company had an accounting error they needed to fix.  Rob’s wasn’t the only check held so it’s not a matter of being “cherry picked” for this nonsense.  However, the repercussions are hard to predict given that the company cannot say when they will release the check (they have 30 days from the date of the invoice to fulfill the contractual arrangement, etc.) so all we can do is bide our time.

Then there was the flooding in the kitchen.  Okay.  So it wasn’t that bad.  We caught it very quickly and a few towels and a quick mop-up later and the effect was handled.  But we still had to get to the bottom of the cause which, as it turned out, was/is a clogged kitchen sink.  We’re still trying to snake it out and use enough chemicals to work through the problem, hoping to avoid a phone call to the plumber. 

So it looked like things might finally have settled down into a modicum of normalcy when Rob woke up and said he was coming down with a cold.  Now, a cold isn’t a big deal for most of us but for a diabetic it is a complicated situation.  Do you know how many cold medicines have both sugar and alcohol in them?  Try to find one without alcohol and you end up with children’s formulas that have sugar.  There are, however, a few OTC cold remedies that are sugar free.  It’s not impossible to find them.  It’s just not as easy as for the rest of us. 

Seriously.  I can’t make this stuff up.  We’ve just had one of those weeks.

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In spite of all of the above, or perhaps because of it, Kanika and I went for our Saturday morning walk and discussed her wanting to put a writing critique group together.  She first mentioned this a few weeks ago and then things became silent.  As it turned out, she was brainstorming herself into a corner and realized that if she did all of the things her ambitious and inspired imagination was suggesting, she might not have time to write.  So rather than try to create a critique group we are going to be writing buddies, holding one another accountable and checking in regularly with one another.  The plan right now is that we will both brainstorm a bit, choose a project by the end of the month, and create a reasonable writing timeline which we will begin on March 1st.  In the meantime, she can read books about writing and I can stop being so distracted by all of the choices I have for different projects and just pick one already. 
(And here is how I sabotage myself.  As I was typing “pick one already,” a small voice murmured to me the following:
 Perhaps I can pick one to edit and maybe start writing a new project, allowing the newness of one project to fuel the discipline needed for another.  And I could write some poetry too, perhaps.  A different type of writing, different from editing and/or a novel.  That way my creativity won’t get stymied in a corner.  I wouldn’t want to get burnt out trying to do one thing when I could do more than one type of thing, right?
 See?   I know a writer who wishes she had as many ideas as I whereas I am quick to point out that with too many ideas one can be as “stuck” as someone who has none.)
There are a lot of things on my mind, of late.  The chaotic quality of last week got in the way of my following through on my intentions (including, as you may have noticed, the Wondrous Words Wednesday and Weekly Quotes).  This week may prove to be less chaotic but I am not particularly holding my breath for being more productive.  There is schoolwork and a to-do list that seems to be a mutation of a hydra and dandelion, cropping up with endless new additions even as I cross things off.  How does that happen?  Can anyone explain this to me?

In the meantime, tell me what’s on your mind or just ask me anything.  I have so much bubbling around inside, I think one or the other might help me to gain some focus.  Or it will be added to my “to do” list.