Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Another Seizure

So yesterday Romanov's vet comment on how healthy he is, how he never would have known Romanov is eleven years old.

Today Romanov had a seizure.   For the first time, Rob was there to see it happen and he had to handle it.

But it's still not enough to put Romanov on anti-seizure medicine.  I'm writing this as a "tracker" post so that if there is another seizure, we'll be able to pinpoint exactly how far apart they are occurring and know when/if we need to put him on medication.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Week Number Nine or How I Came to Know Romanov is Catholic

Image from this site.
And thus the blogging silence ends.

To be honest, I rather liked being off-line and unavailable.  I enjoyed the mental silence of the internet being down.  Now it is back and I have over 3000 emails to sort.  I thought I’d have a lot of blog posts to read but nobody left a comment linking to a specific post in their blog which means, I can only assume, you either didn’t write anything or you don’t think what you wrote is worth reading. 

Lucky for you, what you think is worth reading is not necessarily what I think is worth reading.  Also lucky for you, it will take me a while to catch up with all the reading.  Days and maybe even weeks.  So don’t expect a flurry of comments today or tomorrow.  Just know that comments are coming and I shall try (I promise) to not overwhelm anyone with too many comments.  I promise to try.  I cannot, however, promise to succeed.  If you leave a bunch of comments on different posts, you only have yourself to blame.  Either stop writing interesting things or suffer the consequences. 

The past couple of weeks have been quietly uneventful.  Rob’s friend who was in the car accident has recovered very nicely and will likely have a swashbuckling scar that will make him look dashing rather than marred.  My mother’s knee surgery went very well and she’s recovering very well, working through her physical therapy in spite of the peripheral neuropathy and pain that comes with the condition.

The certification exam for which I’m studying is coming up on the 14th, possibly.  There seems to be some confusion about the dates and the teacher is supposed to resolve the confusion.  In the evenings, Rob and I have watched dvds I borrowed from the library and when I finish studying early enough, I get to enjoy a little self-indulgent reading.

We have big plans for Marc's visit.
Or that’s how my days have gone by until my darling son arrived from Chicago and then all bets were off. Are off. He’ll be here through the 18th. I haven’t seen much of him the past few days but may do so in the upcoming ones. I’ll not need to study for the last part of his visit which is bound to include some fun. For instance, Taco Bell has announced they will finally release the new Doritos taco shell. He’s been waiting a long time for this. Hell, I’ve been waiting a long time. I have a long history with Doritos Nacho Cheese and to this day my mother has a bag every now and again because she loves loves loves them.

Image from this site.
The other day, Rob was sharing some Irish jokes, many of them with priests or nuns in them, and I was chuckling in response to the ones I found most amusing.  Romanov at one point lifted his head to look at me with a distinctly challenging expression, as if to say that he, Romanov the dog, did not find the joke amusing at all.  He blinked and looked away.  A couple of jokes later, Rob began yet another joke, involving a priest, which I found humorous.  Romanov turned towards me once again, this time clearly peering at me through eyes slightly squinting in judgment at my finding this funny.

Marc, post job interview.

Which is how I came to the awareness that he is a Catholic. Now, I don’t know precisely when he was baptized nor do I think he’s gone through with Communion. But he clearly has Catholic sympathetic leanings and I think Rob needs to be more sensitive when he’s sharing his jokes in the future.

I am looking forward to catching up but plan on doing so slowly, oh so slowly.  In the meantime, I’ll be dropping some book reviews in my blog, updating links relevant to the themes of writing and wellness, and hopefully I’ll have time to do more.  If not, you can know that I’m spending some loving time with my wonderful son.