Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Three Weeks

Three weeks from today it will be my birthday.  And it's a big one.

For that reason, I'm going to invite you to ask me to write about anything.

Today I take the final certification exam for the course I've been taking and I'll be free and clear to write, read, and ruminate.  I'm offering you a chance to narrow my rambling mind a bit and give me something, anything, upon which to focus.

Are you up to the challenge?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Another Week Gone By . . . Eep!

Begas-Kriegswissenschaft-Mutter Erde fec
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My first instinct is to say that this past week wasn’t eventful (which is a good thing) but then I remember that Romanov had a seizure. I guess it only feels uneventful because I wasn’t the one standing by this time and most of my week has been consumed with studying.  The exam is Wednesday and I will have some free time.  However, it will likely be short-lived as there is a chance I’ll begin studying for the next certification exam and may even begin taking another course the first of April.

So that’s reason enough to not say the week is uneventful.  Factor in that Marc is here visiting and . . . well, nothing much actually changes because Marc’s been so busy seeing friends and family (his sister, anyway) that I actually forget he’s here.  Of course, when he’s bounding through the door in the middle of the night, which inevitably wakes me up, I remember.  He’s still alive.  That says something about how easily I can fall back to sleep. 

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In “The Worries of the Bourgeoisie” category, my mother and I are faced with a dilemma.  Usually, when I go for my annual visit, the two of us go to the New Age Health Spa but this year the spa has decided not to open for the summer after being closed all winter and we knew it would be through spring.  It is heartbreaking for us because we adore NAHS.  It’s rustic and familiar.  The yoga, qigong, and taiji quan are basic enough and yet always introducing something new to our personal practices. So now we seek an alternative, a place where we can enjoy quiet, do our practice without worrying about not being elegant enough for the other guests, and perhaps learn a little something which we can carry home with us.

My mother has suggested Kripalu and the Omega Institute.  I’ve done some research and found other options although none really fit. I tried to be open minded about the choices in my research and did not limit myself to places that offer yoga.  So Catholic retreats are in my list of considerations as well as ashrams.  I avoided any women themed retreats because my mother loathes the “inner goddess” type things and, for myself, I avoided the more physically demanding ones.  However, I also included creativity and silent retreats. 

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Or we could just go into the city and visit the museums.

My trip north will be sometime in May or June, depending on what we find that we want to do or, if we find nothing that is mutually interesting, we can just bounce through the Metropolitan Museum of Art for a few hours.  Maybe we’ll even visit the Museum of Modern Art or the Brooklyn Museum. 

Seriously.  I said the week was uneventful and I could bore you with information about Tricare, Medicare, Medicaid and Workers’ Compensation or just reiterate that the most fun I had was researching vacation/retreats for my mother and myself.  And that’s fine by me.  Many of our friends seem to be facing some serious challenges.  We hold them close, try to lift them up, and keep things in perspective.  And sometime between now and Easter I have to figure out what kind of cake I want for my birthday because this year is a big one, one of those milestone birthdays.  I don’t know when we’ll be celebrating it, quite yet, but I’m hoping we can make it an extra special day.