Monday, June 18, 2012

Home Again

As you can probably guess from my not commenting on any of the comments I received for the last Wondrous Words Wednesday, the last couple of weeks have been more chaotic than usual.  Is this how it always is leading up to a much needed vacation?  Probably.

I am home now with no intention of trying to catch up with everything because there is too much.  (Over  3000 unread emails alone, not to mention blog posts and so much more.)  If I missed something you know I'd have loved to see, please drop a l;ink in a comment and trust that I will be follow and please forgive me for not having the time nor energy to back track on everything and everyone at this time.

In summary, my vacation included visiting with people I haven't seen in a year or longer (much longer), tapping and writing, a death and lots of good food.

I have a lot to meditate upon and you will see me gradually unfolding the stories as I process them.  There is such an abundance of gifts right now that I have so much to share.