Monday, July 09, 2012

Quote of the Day

Me:  I don't know what I'm thinking.  It's not like I married you because you're such an agreeable guy.
Rob:  (laughing until he is crying, leaning on the table because he can't even stand)  What can I say?  (with a shrug)
Me:  Yeah.  You don't have an argument for that, do you?

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Here I Am, Again

Image found here.
This is not the keyboard.
I couldn't find a picture
of the one I could not use.
This one I could use.
I'm a touch-typist, for the most part.
And she's back.

To be honest, there was a laptop in my possession about a week ago but it had a funky keyboard, designed for programmers.  Now, I managed to get adjusted to using an ergonomic keyboard but this one was not working for me at all.  Then there were some odd quirks--the F5 key that would return you to the home page and not reload the page you were on.  And it's random decision to just close a web-browser or window, presumably because it could, regardless of my actually working in the window or not.

I even stopped typing, touched nothing, sat back with a book to see if it would do it when I wasn't involved.  After all, I concede I am capable of hitting the wrong key and doing silly things with the best of them.  But no.  It just sort of did its own thing and I watched the browser close when I was sitting at the other end of the table.

8) Lights out when it comes to saving energy: At the close of business, turn off lights, computers and monitors. When you can, replace current light bulbs with high-efficiency bulbs. Not only does shutting down your computer save energy, but it’s stopping the risk of having your computer hacked.
Image found here.
The effect does not seem to be as
problematic for environmentally friendly bulbs.

Have I mentioned I have a strange effect on electronics?  My mther's friend Sachi has a problem with watches (and maybe that's why I never wear them because there really is no point as they typically stop working anyway).  My son once pointed out to me that my bedroom goes through more lightbulbs than nearly all the other rooms combined and I just assumed it was bad wiring.  Until I was living in yet another home in a different bedroom.  One can argue that most homes have one room where the wiring is a bit iffy; however, statistically speaking, even if one allows for one room in most homes (and that is arguable) how is it possible it always seems to be my bedroom with the wiring issue?

I never wrote about my trip, which was overshadowed by death, nor my homecoming, which had yet another death overshadowing it.  I honestly don't have time to try to catch everyone up on my everything.  After all, I'm taking an online course and, between my being off-the-grid and then coming home to a non-functioning laptop, I am effectively so far behind on my studies that if I pause to think about it, I'll panic.
High School Stress: Tips to Deal With Everyday Stressors
Image found here.
I am not freaking out.
I know what I need to do.
I prioritize.
The source of stress is erased.
Life and I carry on.


Freak the fuck out anxiety as I run around headless chicken like.

What's a woman to do?

Well, here are my priorities, as I see them in this present moment:
  1. Schoolwork
  2. Write book reviews (and post them to the blog)
  3. Practice my Reiki
  4. Spend time with my loved ones
  5. Write for myself
Somewhere in there are other things, like exercising, yoga, housework, etc.  There are the books I am reading and maybe a dvd or two.  As much as I enjoy the Wondrous Words Meme, I am having to make a choice and leaving it behind, for now at least.  I may return to it someday.  I may not.  It is my hope I'll have something else (better?) to offer but first things first.  Schoolwork.  I started chapter 10 two days ago and lost my way.  I tried to find it again yesterday but felt like the leaves were closing in on me.  Today I will sit again with chapter 10, trusting in the epiphany of education, the aha of learning, the lightbulb lighting up.  Sure it may blow out sooner than it should and we'll have to replace it more times than any other but if I can end today saying that I now understand chapter 10 I'll have worked a miracle.

It's Sunday.  Some faiths say this is The Day for miracles.  May as well get working on turning this whine into something more substantial.