Friday, January 04, 2013

This is My Finger--It Hurts

So I kinda hurt my finger the other day.  You can almost see it's bruised, right?

It is my pinky finger, so no big deal right?  Well, who knew someone with the name "Satia" would use her pinky a lot.  I mean A LOT when she is typing.  I clearly did not.  So last night I wrapped it up in tape with my ring finger to keep me from doing something stupid to it in my sleep.

Okay.  Stupid-er because you are probably wondering what I did to my poor finger to cause it to bruise.  Are you ready for the stupidest answer because I'm about to tell you after the next picture.

I kicked it. Yep.  I kicked my own finger. And that picture there shows what it looks like right now as I type this.  Okay.  Not quite right now because clearly I took the picture and uploaded it and now I am typing.  But that's what it looks like.

It doesn't hurt as much, however.  I may still tape it up tonight, just to be extra cautious.

In case you're wondering how I kicked my own finger, let's just say I was exercising and it wasn't easy and it hurt a lot but not enough to keep me from continuing to exercise for another 15 minutes because I was determined to get in my cardio for the day.

So I'll be catching up on comments on both of my blogs and finding recipes and doing what I can.  If not tomorrow then definitely by Sunday (I'm typing this Friday night).  There is something perversely ironic in how I seem to be striving to get some momentum happening in my life and I keep being blindsided by stupidity, most of it my own.


  1. Meditate. Or chant. 1-5 minutes daily and you'll be more cognizant of the boundaries of the body. First thing I notice when I meditate and/or chant regularly is I lose the dropsies. And I run into door jams less often. :)

    1. June, I already meditate more than that a day. And the vertigo would cause me to run into door jams with or without the mediating but that's okay. So far that door frames don't seem to mind and I've been forgiving them for not moving out of my way. :)

  2. Yeow! That looks painful. Perhaps it's a hint to slow down? I get it about being sidetracked by one's own stupidity - happens to me all the time. And it's almost always because I have too many things distracting me, hurrying me up, making me forget where, exactly, I am.
    So, here's to a Happy New Year for you, Satia, and moments of pure no-hurry and to second chances (just read the post before this one).

    1. Kathleen, Absolutely everything is telling me to slow down, to just let go of things and have a little fun. But failing the exam means I can't slow down altogether quite yet. Counting down the days to the next certification exam and I'm hoping this time I'll pass so I can do what my intuition knows I need. With all that said, the new year is proving to be a good one, a happy one. And I'm making time to breathe in between the studying.