Sunday, September 29, 2013

Honeymoon: Day One

This is the first of the blog posts about our trip to New York City.  These posts will contrast slightly with what we actually experienced but that's part of the fun of traveling.  We should have known that there would be changes pretty much every step of the way because of what happened to poor Rob during our journey from the airport in Atlanta and the one in Newark.

Although we thought Matt was taking us to the airport, Joe surprised us and it was he would take us to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.  The car is loaded and we're ready to go.  So why is everyone just standing around?

It was this snake skin that was distracting everyone.  In case you can't tell, it is coming out from under the house and that's Joe's 10.5 sized foot beside it.  We can see about four feet of snake skin here and we think that the full length of the snake may be close to six or seven feet. 

Yeah.  We probably need to get in touch with animal control.  

At the airport, Rob is downloading an app to track our plane.  During the trip he downloaded other apps, including one to hail a cab, not that we would need it.  We had uncanny luck when it came to finding a cab when we needed one.

We had lunch at the airport because there would be no meals served on the plane itself.  We ate at Sweet Water Draft House & Grill.

click to view larger photo of Sweet Water III.jpg

Rob ordered a burger while I had an appetizer.  His food looked delicious and I had second thoughts about not indulging in a larger meal but I was trying to keep it light.  Or lighter, anyway.  It's not like the place specializes in lighter fair.  This is your basic pub type food only located in a brightly lit airport.  

Later I would be very grateful that I did not order what Rob did.

The flight itself was uneventful.  I read.  Rob napped. He had the window seat.  I had the aisle.  No surprises, unlike our flight home but that's another story altogether.

My mother, who--along with my step-father--was paying for our trip (a gift to us for eloping and not having them pay for an elaborate wedding), had a car from Air Brook waiting for us.  The driver helped us with our bags and we were off to NYC.

And that's when Rob got sick.  Remember when I said I would be grateful I didn't eat what Rob had ordered?  He had food poisoning.  The driver, thankfully, had a bag into which Rob could throw up but it wasn't the most pleasant experience for any of us.  I am sure I was only slightly less grateful that Rob didn't make a mess in the car than the driver himself was.  We arrived at The Lucerne Hotel relatively unscathed.

Rob took a picture of our room.  I'll be sure to share it,
as soon as he shares it with me. 
We were able to quickly check-in and made it to our room where Rob immediately collapsed on the bed.  This left me to do the unpacking.  Not even time to think about the room itself.  A part of me was thinking about the food we would need for Rob (milk, cereal, fruit) for his breakfast even as I tried to decide where best to put his things and where to put my own, hanging his clothes in the closet and shoving my own into drawers.  My skirt went into the closet and my makeup into a drawer. 

By the time I was beginning to relax, having finished what needed to be done, Rob was stirring.  Our first priority was to fetch some milk and cereal.  Much to my surprise (and his eventual chagrin), he chose a kind he'd never had before:  Uncle Sam Original Toasted Whole Wheat Berry Flakes & Flaxseed.  We shopped at Westside Market most of the time, buying cheese and fruit and such.  On this trip, however, we limited ourselves to milk and cereal.

NYC PAPERS OUT. Social media use restricted to low res file max 184 x 128 pixels and 72 dpi

Outside, there was a woman with some secondhand books for sale.  Naturally, I stopped to see what she had to offer.  This would be the first of many reminders to come from Rob about how heavy books are and how would we pack them, etc.

Back in our room, we considered getting something to eat.  I was famished and Rob was ready to risk more food, after having thrown up most of what he'd had before.  But you know how you can be both too tired and too hungry to think about food?  That was the point both Rob and I had reached.  Which is how we ended up ordering room service.  Rob ordered a crab tart while I ordered a Tuscan roasted chicken served on a bed of polenta.  We both felt the food was not especially good, in spite of it's being from the restaurant downstairs--Nice Matin.  My chicken was rather dry, the scarce pieces of asparagus bland, although the polenta was creamy and good.

For me, this would not be the last disappointing meal and for Rob it would not be the first savory tart.  We went to bed both of us hoping that Rob would not feel ill the next day.


  1. I look forward to the sequels!
    Rob was lucky that he wasn't sicker for longer. But what a lousy way to start a honeymoon.

    1. I'll be posting about the rest of the honeymoon about once a day. I think there may be a day or two where not enough happened to justify a whole blog post but I may be wrong. You never know.

  2. I found your honeymoon blog posts. It started out pretty yucky. I hope it gets better.

    1. Betty, It definitely didn't start or end well for Rob, who was sick coming and going but he survived. And, as you have read, we had a wonderful time.