Thursday, October 03, 2013

Honeymoon: Day Five

This is the bed in our room which was actually a suite, as you can see from the open doors.  I keep calling it a room because that's just easier to type.  We stayed at The Lucerne on  79th and Amsterdam.  Right across the street from the hotel is a Duane Reade drugstore.  That’s where I went to get some vitamin C drops to suck on and ease the soreness in my throat. 

Before we even left for our honeymoon, Rob and I had discussed the possibility of my getting too sick to walk around with him.  I made him promise he would go out and do things without me.  Not anything and everything but there were a few things on our itinerary (yes, the same one we had thus far only fulfilled one day out of four). 

When Rob woke up we agreed he would go to the Guggenheim Museum and the Frick Gallery without me while I did what I should have done the day before—stayed in bed. 

And that is what we did.  Rob walked through Central Park while I stayed home, drinking orange juice with ginger ale (which Rob picked up for me from Westside Market).  I read.  I napped.  I read some more.  I napped some more.  By the time he came home, I was feeling better although not quite well.  But he came home “too early.”  Why?  Because the Guggenheim is closed on Thursdays!  And I knew this when I was making our itinerary.  Knew it then but had forgotten it when it mattered.  Ugh.  Still, Rob had a good time and he enjoyed walking through the park and he learned a lot at the Frick.

We took a nap together, on Thursday, and woke up with no clue where we would eat but both of us hungry for something.

The weather was perfect so we decided to stroll up to Sara Beth’s, a café not too far from our hotel, and have dinner there.  It was a very good decision.  I ordered a roasted chicken, still disappointed with the room service meal from our first night in the city.  Rob ordered a crab stuffed lobster.  He loved his dinner.  I liked mine but did not love it.  There was nothing in the menu description to indicate I was ordering a meal nearly identical with the one I’d had in room service.  The only difference was that one was served with green beans and the other with asparagus.

Nonetheless, the meal ended with amazing desserts. 

Rob ordered a warm cherry tart with some ice cream. . .
. . . while I had a cheesecake served with
orange marmalade and candied ginger.
After dinner, we walked around the neighborhood, explored a used bookstore (where I walked away with nothing) and did some more window shopping.  We saw street vendors with caps in the style Rob wanted; the same style we had spent hours seeking on our first day seeking.  And not just one street vendor but multiple ones! 

Oh well, if we hadn’t gone in search of these things, Rob wouldn’t have seen the old escalator.  And if I had stayed home the day before, had not walked all over mid-town with Rob and Kelly and Michael, I might have felt well enough to follow our Thursday itinerary.  But it was worth it.  Seeing family is always worth it.  


  1. Wow! You luck wasn't so good on the first few days. I can't believe Rob was sick and then you!!

    1. Betty, I had such a bad cold it was rather disgusting. I'm glad I stayed at the hotel and that Rob did not follow my lead. His going out to the museums without me mattered to me. After all, we were there to take full advantage of all the wonderful things the city has to offer. If I couldn't share in it, at least he should. It made me happy for him to go.