Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Honeymoon Day Ten

Although Rob had walked through Central Park more than once to one museum or another, even once along with yours truly, we had planned to go to see just the park one day and finally the day had come.  I want to interject here that the weather was so wonderfully perfect.  It rained one day but at night so, by the time we were out and about, there was little sign of rain anywhere.

We went to Belvedere Castle where I bought a charm bracelet for Bibi.  Rob went up to the top without me, taking a lot of pictures.  Luckily, there were plenty of life-sized statues or he might have been forced to take pictures of trees or something.

Of course, we went to the Alice in Wonderland statue and saw the statues of Balto and Shakespeare.  As I said in a previous post, there will be plenty of photos posted eventually and I'll be sure to share the link  We walked all the way from the hotel to where the Central Park Zoo was located.  That's a pretty long walk.

While walking around, we saw this woman who creates Asian calligraphy items for people.  I let Rob choose what we would get, words, paper, and all.  This is the gift we got for ourselves and this video shows her writing the kanji for Love and then our names.  At the bottom, she had us put our fingerprints.  A perfect gift for our honeymoon, don't you think?

Now, when Rob had gone to the Guggenheim without me, he had seen a a food truck with gyros.  He wanted one and from a food truck so, we left the park and walked up Fifth Avenue, to find his gyro.  And we walked and walked for more than half a mile before we found one.  Now, I didn't want a gyro but they had potato knishes so I ordered one of those.  Only, the guy was all out of them.  So tried to order something else.  He was out of those as well.  I gave up.  Who needs food anyway?  After all, I had only walked a mile there and back to get Rob his food.  Grrrrr . . .

And no, that was not the sound of my tummy rumbling.  Grrrr . . .

Lucky for me (and Rob, let's be clear about that much), there was a cafeteria at the zoo so, while he bought us tickets, I ordered myself some soup.  No I wasn't feeling icky.  I just didn't want to spend $10 on a bland cafeteria burger.  The soup was good.  Or good enough.  Probably not as gratifying as Rob's gyro but after walking a mile so he could eat, I guess almost anything would be good enough.

Grrrrrrrrr . . .

We went to the zoo and I did not see the Snow Leopard but we had a lot of fun watching the seals and the penguins. But Rob took a lot more pictures of the seals.  Can you blame him?  They were not far from their feeding time so they were feeling particularly frisky.

We then walked to the Delacorte Clock, which is magical.  Then we headed to the carousel, which is the first one I ever rode.  No doubt, I rode this horse more than almost any other because it's so pretty.  What can I say?  I've always been a girly girl.

We went to Strawberry Fields but we were unable to get a decent picture because of the crowds.  On our way there, we walked past Sheep's Meadow.  Rob observed that he didn't see any sheep in the meadow and I said that was because he'd eaten all of the lamb and there was no hope for sheep.

Janice and I had planned on meeting one-on-one for a little dinner.  Rob said he would eat leftovers.  We were all set.  Janice was somewhere in the low 90s so we agreed to walk on the west side of Amsterdam until we met somewhere in the middle, which was perfect.  It gave me time to people watch.  We then slipped over to Broadway and found a place to grab a light bite to eat.  She ordered a salad and I ordered a soup.

We talked and talked about writing and publishing and our respective significant others and our parents.  Then we had the whim to grab Rob and a cab, in that order, and head to Janice's.  Which is what we did.  We met Rob at the hotel and we were off again, heading downtown and Janice's place.  Bill showed up shortly afterwards and it was nice to finally interact with him without my mother and Larry there.  I didn't realize how the two of them dominate so much.  The conversation meandered, as conversations will.  Bill is so astute, so intelligent.  He made some vague observations that were wrought with meaning, confirming some of my intuition.  I didn't ask for clarification.  It wasn't necessary.  And there are some things I truly do not wish to know.

Eventually, kisses and hugs goodbye and Rob and I headed back to the hotel but, before we went up to our room, we grabbed a couple of grilled cheese sandwiches. I obviously am too stubborn to learn my lessons well because I honestly think Rob and I make better grilled cheese sandwiches than this place did.  Honestly.  We eat (and love) so well around here, maybe Rob and I should open our home to vacationers and let the money roll in.

I went to bed knowing the next day would be my last full day in the city.  Our last full day of the honeymoon.  Our last full day.


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    1. The seals were in rare form. Truly delightful.

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    1. Betty, That was my first carousel and I don't know how many times I rode it in my lifetime. It's magical.