Sunday, February 03, 2013

The Week That Was

Gen. Beauregard Lee emerges
He saw his shadow.
It’s February already and not a moment too soon.  I was tired of the craziness of January which insisted on going out with a bang!

First, my friend’s fiancé ended up in the hospital.  He has COPD and was having trouble breathing.  Long story short, he ended up in ICU, diagnosed with having caught the flu.  This is his third time going to the hospital and it is frightening for one and all.  She and I talked a couple of times and sent several texts throughout the week.  They will have to make some changes and they won’t be easy but nobody said doing the right thing would be easy, right?

On the same day I was trying to be present for my friend, a loved one called up and we talked a bit.  The discussion went from sadness to depression to a mention of suicide and the next thing you know I’m looking up therapists and crossing my fingers.  It’s not enough to know that there is help out there.  You have to make an effort to reach out and take that help.  Pick up a phone, make an appointment.  It isn’t a quick or easy fix. 

Did I mention tornadoes?  Because, you know, we also had those on the same day I was juggling other people's pain.  Tornadoes.   In January.  Not normal.

Tornado touching down next to a road.
I couldn't find a photo of this week's
funnel but this was on the Georgia
page and should suffice.
So I’m limping my way out of January and here comes February.  February, when I was supposed to retake my certification exam only someone told me you have to have the updated coding books and those cost money.  Nearly $200 to be precise.  Which is why I had to reschedule when I would take the exam and push it out until June.  I swear, trying to get this CPC certificate is endless! 

Chris smirking over a book
at Barnes & Noble
Chris came over Friday, the first day of the new month and let’s hope that this sets the tone for the rest of the month because it was a productive and pleasurable visit.  He is looking for work so we met at Barnes & Noble where we poured over books on how to write a résumé.  Things change and I wanted to make sure that what we created for him would be contemporary and on par, if not superior, to the other résumés those hiring managers would see.   This proved to be a very good idea.  Things have changed.  I already knew some of the changes but there are still others and I am always surprised by how quickly something typical can become passé. 

Seven hours of working on the résumé and we had a rough draft.  I also realized that I would need to do all of this all over again but for myself.  In other words, between studying and housework and such I’ll be updated and revising my résumé. 

We really likes this book.
It’s funny how, in a society that shuts down any self-praise and self-aggrandizing behavior, we have to spend so much time selling ourselves to others.  Writing a résumé is difficult because people simply aren’t accustomed to talking about themselves in merely glowing terms.  Plus, not everyone is a natural salesperson so trying to promote something is a challenge, let alone trying to promote the self.

And so February began with my doing a good deed and Rob working all weekend.  I’ve been reviewing anatomy for the past few days and will continue to do so into next week.  I figure if I have more time to review everything then I may as well review everything.

Still, I’m really looking forward to passing this exam and being free to do something other than study.  Like writing.  And reading for pleasure. Watching foreign films.  (I sometimes put movies and/or television shows as background but I can’t do that if there are subtitles to be read!)  Or maybe, just myabe, spend a day having fun without wondering how far behind in my studies I will be if I take even one day off.