Saturday, September 14, 2013

Weekly Update a Day Early Because . . .

What made this week special is not what happened but where we’re heading.  Sunday and Monday and Tuesday, plans changed randomly and I organized, cleaned, shuffled, and tried to get things together.  Rob and I had to run some errands because he believed I needed a new pair of jeans and he needed a dress shirt.  And Chris was supposed to come over on Tuesday but food poisoning changed that for him. 

He made up for it on Wednesday and we had a lovely dinner together.  Nothing fancy.  Just friends hanging out. 

Thursday was a full day.  We took Snowdoll for a 2 mile walk because finally it is feeling cooler in the morning.  Fokes came over to get some much needed information.  Then, after Rob and I finished dinner, I went off with Joe and Erin to enjoy some of Bibi’s school stuff.  It was Open House and we learned about the gifted program (a lot has changed since my boys were in school) and we had the opportunity to meet with the teacher (as we did during orientation) but this time we learned more about what it is Bibi is doing. 

Rob didn’t join us because there was still so much stuff to get ready.  I’m glad he didn’t, frankly, because he would have been bored out of his mind. 

Saturday, Kanika had to cancel our morning walk, because she had leg cramps last night, and I didn’t mind.  Rob and I had already taken Snowdoll for her one mile morning walk and I really had Things To Do.  We also know that Joe & Co were coming over.  We did not know they were coming with Matt too.  And Matt is always welcome.  Joe & Co came because Bibi is doing a school fund raising thing.  She grew bored/tired after only a few houses, and we didn’t get through the entire neighborhood.  Still, she managed to sell a few cards.  Back home, we played a board game while Rob took a nap because he has a gig tonight and won’t be home until 3 or 4 in the morning.  To add insult to injury, he knew we had to get up and moving on Sunday (just as I know which is why I’m posting this weekly update a day early) so the nap was a necessity.

Soooooooo . . . 

What information did Fokes need?  And what, precisely, kept Rob home?  And why are Rob and I both getting ready for an early morning on Sunday?  Well, after 3 years, 4 months, and 10 days of being married, Rob and I are going on our honeymoon!  That’s right.  Finally.  I’ve written post-dated blog posts that will update my blog every day we are gone, including the days we are flying from here to there and back again.

And where is there?

We are heading to NYC.  Manhattan, to be specific.  We’ll see my family, Rob’s uncles, and my friend Love.  We’ll be visiting museums and eating all sorts of fun foods (some even familiar foods).  Mostly, we’ll visit places I grew up so Rob can get a clearer vision of my childhood.  The daily blog posts will reveal that day’s itinerary, give or take changes. We have a lot planned.  Frankly, we have too much planned.  But I’d rather plan too much than waste time trying to decide what to do, twiddling our thumbs for entirely too long, and realize we wasted the day because now it’s too late for us to really do much of anything. 

So really, this week has been full of organizing things—the guest room and blog posts.  Also full of laundry and packing.  And it’s been full of changes because my mother wanted us to eat one place but then changed that to a different place (which resulted in my updating my blog post for that day) and adding a lunch with her and Cathy.  And figuring out where we can go to buy food to keep in our room and where we can go if we need something we forgot. And, and, and, and, there's a lot planned.

Every day there was a little something more to ready for the trip.  I created a “Survival Guide” for Fokes full of things he needs to know to get through the time we’re gone.  Rob and I are both anxious about Snowdoll but having her at home, where she is most comfortable, will make this easier for her.  Plus, we've come a long way and getting in touch with someone who is out and about or on the road is not as complicated as it used to be.  If there's an emergency, we have cell phones and he can easily call one or both of us.  

Wanna know what we’ll be doing?  Stick around.  Every day, starting tomorrow and carrying us through the 26th, there will be a blog post with our itinerary.  As I said, it’s a very full itinerary so don’t be surprised if, when I start actually blogging about the trip itself, there seems to be some disparity between what we have planned and what we actually accomplished.  The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.  With Rob’s help, I’ve no doubt that they will be downright deviant.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

So How's The Exercise Going? Well . . .

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Last week I worked harder to get back into a routine even though I knew I would be dropping the routine after this week.  What?  How do I know this? 
Before I get into that, let’s look at where I am.  My September Challenge to do one more modified push-up a day is on track.  Woohoo!  This morning I did 10 modified push-ups.  I am going to start doing two sets rather than one, building up to two sets of 10.  Then I will drop back down to doing 3 sets until I build up to three sets of 10. 

I have also been trying to reincorporate strength training into my daily routine.  I can’t say I’ve been successful but I don’t wait until “Monday” to start over again.  When I have to tend to a pain and postpone a day of strength training, I pick up almost where I left off, lessening the amount of weight I used the previous time so as not to reinjure myself.  It’s a delicate dance, two steps forward and one step back.  But I’ve learned to do it quite well.
I pick myself up,
Dust myself off,
And start all over again.
And on Sunday all but the September Challenge will fall to the wayside.  Why?  Well, I’ll explain things more fully on Saturday.  Things are happening and sometimes life is nice enough to give a person a heads up before it’s going to change.  The change won’t be permanent and all of this is going to give me an opportunity to be creative, to do what I can to keep my momentum and not let myself fall into stagnation.

So stay tuned.  More coming.  Later this week.  

Monday, September 09, 2013

Weekly Update a Day Late

This post is a day late because Rob
had already put the quilt away
and I really wanted to share a picture of it.
This wasn’t a remarkable week.  Yay! 

Rob came home with a quilt given to him by his grandfather.  It is a tradition in his family that the grandparents give a grandchild a choice of quilt and Rob chose an appliqué one that he thought I would like.  He almost chose a crazy quilt but he deferred to what he knew I would love.  And he was so right.  Look how pretty it is!

New purse.
Friday, we once again did the dreaded errand running which included the still more dreaded purse shopping.  I needed a new purse, something more functional and not purely fun.  Something smaller than my laptop sized messenger bags but with a way to close things off unlike my slouch bags.  I ended up choosing a Tommy Hilfiger bag, much to my dismay.  I loathe labels and try to avoid them but I had a specific size and style in mind.  Plus it had to be black. I found two or three other purses in other colors that were exactly what I would have chosen but I refused to deviate from a basic black purse.  Plus, it had to be less than $20 because I’d found a purse that would do (although it wasn’t ideal).  I really was begrudging about buying a designer bag but had to concede it was nearly perfect.  Really, the only way it could have been more perfect is if I had designed it and had it made for me and me alone.

Studying studying studying.
Saturday was a long one for me.  I was up early and Joe drove me to a day-long review class.   I can honestly say that I learned more from using Laureen Jandroep’s DVDs than I did in these classes but I’m glad I went.  It was a good networking opportunity and I earned 8 CEUs.  I’ll need to earn 8 more before April.  All things considered, I’ll have plenty of time.  I just have to keep my eye out for what is available and make time for it.  It was good of Joe to get up early on a Saturday to pick me up at 7am since I had to be at the class by 8am.  Rob had a gig the night before.  He did pick me up and we had dinner at a local diner.  I was unimpressed.  We could easily make better food for much less.  Definitely one of the problems when one enjoys cooking and trying new foods. 

Honestly, if the most interesting thing about a person’s week is that she had two dreams in which someone turned into a puppy (in one it was a baby and in the other it was an adult), then maybe it’s okay not to blog.  With that said, I know some interesting things are coming up and I have to confess that I really enjoy the weeks that are “boring by comparison” because they give me time to just settle down and breathe for a while.

Having time to breathe is lovely.

Bibi's week was more eventful.
She got her ears pierced and . . .
. . .  she lost a tooth!