Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Picture's Worth Day Thirty-Three

Holly Needs a Home

This is Holly.  She was apparently used in a puppy mill but that hasn't kept her from being a sweet as can be Siberian Husky, with beautiful blue eyes.  

She is underweight but as gentle as can be.  Unfortunately, she is not neutered and has worms, a quick visit to the Humane Society or a local vet can fix that (pun intended).  She is very intelligent and, although she is not now housebroken, she was already catching on to the idea that she should go outside.  (We think she was kept in a kennel or crate and was not taught properly.)  Obviously, she loves to lie on furniture but did not object when we told her to get down from our couch.  She gets along very well with other dogs and with people.

Here is what we know about Holly besides what I've written above.  She was abandoned at a condominium complex and was taken in by the property management.  They took her to a vet.  No chip.  No tattoo.  Nothing to identify her.  They named her Holly and she is approximately 2 years old. 

However, this is a place of business so they cannot keep her.  A woman offered to give Holly a forever home but changed her mind within twelve hours.  She claims that Holly was aggressive with her other two dogs although, as you can see from the photo, we saw no evidence of aggression between her and Snowdoll.  

One of the residents at the condos works for a dog boarding facility and has offered to take Holly for the weekend but she will be returning to us on Monday.  We cannot afford to give her the medical attention she needs but we will do everything we can to take care of her and find her a loving home.  

Please share this if you live in the metro-Atlanta area and/or know others who do.  Holly is too sweet to homeless for the holidays.  

(If you want to contribute to Holly's care while we're trying to find her a home, my paypal email is satia62 at gmail and I assure you all money collected for Holly will go to Holly and/or with the family that adopts her.  I will not keep even one cent of it.)  

Monday, December 16, 2013

A Picture's Worth Day Twenty-Eight

New Year's Resolution Reading Challenge

Graphic for New Year's Resolution Reading Challenge

I wanted to share this Reading Challenge with you, my dear readers, because so many of you are bibliophiles like me.  Joy is hosing a New Year's Resolution Reading Challenge and you can read all about it over on her blog.

In a day or two, you'll see a new page called "Read Along With Me" where I'll be listing the books I'm reading.  One the day the page goes live, I'll have one book listed for each month of the year.  This will be where I start, a foundation of reading to which I will be adding as the year progresses.

In the meantime, I encourage, even urge, you to check out Joy's post about this reading challenge because it really doesn't matter what else you plan on doing for yourself this year--whether your goal is to read some of the books you've accumulated or watch every DVD in your collection.  No doubt there's a book out there that will help you meet your goals for the new year.  And if you sign up over there, be sure to tell me over here.  I would love to know who all has joined in the fun.