Sunday, January 19, 2014

How Good It Is

This has been a lovely, full week.  And there’s so much to share.  I hope you can keep up with all of it.

BCHGREEN BLUE 2 Color 2Boot Camp

If you read my blog post on Tuesday, you know I was told about an opportunity to take a free online boot camp and I submitted an email, then kept my fingers crossed. There were no guarantees I would be one of the few chosen to participate and I was honest about my age and other precluding factors.  I would have fully understood if they chose to bypass my email for another, more likely, candidate.  Then, Wednesday evening, I received an email telling me I was in.  I had only missed three days and I jumped right in.  I started filling out all of the information, had Rob take some “before” pictures for me, and took my measurements.  I’ll post about it in more detail on Tuesday, obviously, or you can find me on My Fitness Pal and keep up with my daily blog over there. 

Snowdoll became the sane
puppy in the family.
  • Some facts about Snowdoll:
  • In the morning, she likes to jump halfway up onto the bed and lick Rob’s face and ears while Rob rubs her belly and scruffs her ears.  I call it the Morning Orgy.
  • In the evening, she sometimes jumps halfway on the bed and lets me rub her belly and scruff her ears.  Occasionally, she will even deign to give me a lick.  On a generous day, two.
  • She has delicate, little paws and hates to get them wet but she still dips her paw into the water bowl.  She’s a right-paw, in case you’re wondering.
  • She rarely walks.  She prefers to trot and you can hear her click-cllick-click on our hardwood floors and through the kitchen.
  • She loves lying in the sun and is a finicky eater.  That’s why we call her Puppy-Cat.
  • She didn’t start having nightmares until Romanov died.

Holly, looking obviously stressed
and uncomfortable in her new home.
  • Some facts about Holly:
  • She has an extra nipple. It apparently didn’t provide any milk because all of her other nipples are distended from her being a puppy-mill dog.
  • Her tail curls “too much.”  As a result, she has two types of wags.  One is a quick, frisky little tick-tick-tick that looks like she’s brushing schmutz off her lower back.  The other is a more sweeping wag that does a beautiful figure eight.
  • When she lies down, she usually crosses her front paws like a little lady.
  • She has a nick in her left ear where it was torn but is now healed over. 
  • She has a more delicate tummy and had diarrhea this week.  She managed to go three days straight without having an accident.  We’re now on day two, with fingers crossed.
  • She has nightmares but they seem to be coming with less frequency.

This week, Holly discovered
Rob's fish tank.

In spite of himself, Rob has fallen in love with Holly.  He calls her Ninja Puppy because she moves so quietly.  He’s noticed certain qualities she has that remind him (both of us, really) of Romanov.  She has an innate gentility.  We think she will be as gentle as he was when she has outgrown her puppy enthusiasm.

And she is Rob's puppy.  He knows this and, perhaps, encourages it. She sometimes gets very anxious when he leaves, although she seems to be adjusting. It’s a good thing. He has been booking more gigs, so many there are even a few as far out as April!  Business-wise, this has been a very good year for him already and promises only to be better as the year goes on.  Needless to say, he's very happy.  

Almost as happy as he is our orchid seems to have sent out a new shoot which means we may have new orchids blooming in Spring!  He truly has a green thumb, something I lack altogether.

Yours Truly
This is one of my favorite
headbands which Holly
discovered and found chewable.

A friend of mine has a sister who has written a book she needs edited so I’ve taken on the job of finding the comma splice, the vague pronoun reference, the tense shifts, and the occasional misplaced word.  I’m pretty excited about having another editing job.  I obviously hope it will lead to more.  I am confident that she’ll be happy with the changes I recommend and that her manuscript will greatly benefit from the extra pair of eyes. 

So, you see?  Lots of stuff happened this week. Nothing remarkable but all kinds of good things.  And on Tuesday, I’ll post more about the boot camp.  I’ll even have some photos to share. 

How was your week?  Any news to share?   


  1. Congrats on getting in the Boot Camp!! Can't wait to read all about the progress and journey. I hope you have a great Monday!!

    1. I had a busy, chaotic, and productive Monday. And my Tuesday has been more of the same.