Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Weekly Body Check-In, Complete with Boot Camp News

Day 1
If you read my Sunday blog, then you know I was accepted into the boot camp.  Yay!  If you want to know more about it, you can check it out here.

I got the email Wednesday evening, too late for me to actually exercise, so I just looked over all of the information and made note of all the things I had yet to do, like take my measurements (ugh!) and have Rob take my “before” photos (ughughugh!).   I printed out some of the things and I tucked those into my planner. 

Thursday morning, I took off some of my layers, and chose one of the two workouts that were available.  I ended up working out with Coach Erik and surprised myself by keeping up.  The way the boot camp is organized, we do cardio on M-W-F and we do strength training with one day off a week.  All of the exercises are interval training, so we worked intensely for a minute and then took a short break, always moving, and taking the occasional gulp of water.  Yes, I had to modify some of the exercises and, thankfully, Coach Erik always suggested modifications. 

Day 2
On Friday, I was slightly more ambitious.  I made an effort to be one of the 10% of people who actually log in for the live workout.  Coach Jonathan, who is the person who created all of this, was leading the strength training session with 1 minute intervals.  All coaches do a lot of “pep talk” and I have to say that I enjoy their quirky banter.  I don’t know which of them started high-fiving the camera taping the workout but they all do this, approaching the camera and pretending they are giving you a high five.  After two workouts, I was still giggling whenever one of them would do this.

Sometimes something goofy in a workout makes it all feel easier.  My arms were definitely feeling like I had done some work.  So Saturday I thought it would be great to do the yoga workout because I really miss my morning practice.  Unfortunately, I was unable to hear Coach Mahmoud.  I had my laptop turned up as high as it could be and there was simply no way I could hear anything he was saying.  So I switched over to do a strength interval training with Coach Stephanie.  It was a little confusing.  I would start doing what we would do next only to realize she was still explaining what the set would include, the variations and such.  I probably did about half as much more than was actually supposed to be done because I would be 20 reps into something before I realized we were supposed to have even started.  Oops.

Day 3
There was a pre-weekend video that explained what to do on the weekend, with no new workout.  If you had done a workout every day of the first week, then you were supposed to take a day off.  However, I had not exercised six days in a row and Coach Jonathan gave those of us who had not worked six days in a row the green light to exercise both Saturday and Sunday.  YES! 

Remember how I said I missed my morning yoga.  All I needed was an excuse and I sifted through my DVDs.  Sunday, I ended up choosing Kundalini to Detox and Destress with Maya Fiennes because it’s a more dynamic form of yoga and I felt it would be a good complement to what I was already doing in the boot camp.  It felt like a great choice, at the time, although I experienced quite a lot of discomfort in my hips.  I really need to make time for more yoga, focusing on doing hip openers.  It may have to wait until after I finish this editing job.

Day 5
Monday officially began the second week of boot camp but, for me, it was still only Day 5.  Over the weekend, Rob took my before pictures and my measurements.  I am in denial about both.  

But, no doubt, you’re wondering whether I’ve lost any more weight, right.  Well, I did.  I lost another 2.2 lbs for a grand total of 5.8 lbs (2.63 kgs) since I started eating more protein and nearly 10 lbs since the beginning of the year.  That’s right.  I’m finally losing.  I’m not expecting to keep seeing more than 1 lb loss each week, which is my actual goal.  I figure that I’m losing some water weight initially and that the boot camp will result in increased muscle mass.  So it only stands to reason that my body will stop losing the water weight and start gaining mass resulting in a slower weekly weigh-in loss.  That’s okay.  Right now, I’m ahead of the game and the numbers are looking great!

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  1. Replies
    1. It's been fun and I feel very committed to following through because I was allowed to participate for free. If I didn't take full advantage of this opportunity, it wouldn't be fair to someone else who might have had the chance but didn't because there were only so many spaces to be filed.

  2. Congrats on the weight loss! Kudos for signing up with the "Boot Camp". I am anxious to see how it goes for you. I have gotten to the point that the weight isn't as important as being healthy and getting in better physical shape.

    1. Betty, I'll probably feel that way when I'm no longer overweight. I was 1 lb away from my BMI reaching "obese" which was alarming. I don't want to get diabetes. I see how hard it is for my husband to live with it and his isn't even due to being fat. (He weighed 90+ lbs when he was finally diagnosed and he's 6' tall!) Also, excess body weight increases my chances for breast cancer. My mother is a survivor and I've already found two lumps which both turned out to be benign but is still two too many. For me the weight loss IS indicative of my being healthier. As for being in better physical shape, the fact that I'm not using a walk to get around is enough for me. I still have my walker. It's up in the attic. And I hope it stays there for the rest of my life.