Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Weekly Body Check-In

Homemade soup
I honestly didn’t know what to expect by adding more protein to my diet.  It was simply a means to an end, an easier way for me to reach my calorie goal.  Remember Susan Powter?  She lost a lot of weight by eating differently.  In her infomercial, she would show the viewers a juicy piece of steak and announce how many calories it was.  Then she would reveal a huge pile of vegetables.  (I think it was potatoes, actually, but I may be mistaken.  This was a long time ago.)  She would point out that for the same calorie count, you could have this piece of steak of all of these vegetables.  Then she would pointedly ask which the audience felt would be more satisfying, one measly piece of meat or all of these delicious veggies.

And she’s right.  Absolutely.  I mean, I love vegetables and I eat them all of the time.  Only problem is, I wasn’t reaching my daily caloric goal.  I would get full too soon.  I could force myself to eat when I wasn’t hungry but, thanks to Weight Watchers, I’d already figured out how useless and unsatisfying that could be. 

Therein, lay my dilemma.  I don’t want to force myself to eat.  My doctor and the nutritionist both said I need to eat more calories.  What to do?  What to do?  Add protein.  It is filling but I can eat a piece of steak far more easily than I can a pile of veggies.  Who couldn’t?  So I am trying to eat my veggies as I normally would (easy enough for me to do!) while adding more protein (slightly more complicated) in order to eat my target caloric goal of 1, 400.

So far I’ve failed each and every day. I’m still falling short.  Just as I was when I was eating less protein.  I wasn’t even eating many more calories a day, just better ones.  (Better than I was eating over the holidays, anyway.)

But wait! I lost some weight!  In fact, I lost 3.6 lbs (1.6 k)!  In one week!  Without exercising!!!

I stepped on the scale and off the scale time and again on Sunday when I do my weekly weigh-in because I knew it couldn’t be right.  But the numbers didn’t change.  I had lost nearly 4 lbs in one week by simply having eggs for breakfast, meat and cheese for snacks, soup for lunch, and a larger-than-Rob’s portion of meat (chicken, turkey, beef) each night.  I know some of that is probably water weight. 

As for the exercise, I’ve been gradually reintroducing it into my daily life.  Not so much for my sake but for Holly’s because she is still getting used to this weird new wonderful life of hers.  I am sure she is confused by this curious game I play where I step up and down, up and down, on this thing that is clearly meant for chewing.  And the only reason I could have for lying down on the floor is for her to boop me on the head and nip my nose.

No, I have not tried to do my morning yoga.  And until Holly is leash trained, daily walks are impossible.  But she’s learning the routine and she’s figuring out what she and cannot do.  We’re all learning together.  And that’s really the best part of it all.

Also, cross your fingers for me.  An online no excuses type boot camp was offering free enrollment and I sent in an email request, explaining my “limitations”  and my determination.  I should know within 48 hours if they are willing to take me on.  I wouldn’t blame them if they said “no thank you” because, at my age and such, I am not necessarily the best poster child for immediate success.  

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  1. A big plate of potatoes sounds delicious to me!! But can I have the steak as well??

    1. You have my permission to have both. Not that you needed my permission but then if some random person comes up and says, "Oy, why are you eating steak and potatoes?" you can honestly say, "Because I have permission to do so."

  2. You could do a boot camp style class. You just need to scale it back a little when you need to. Don't be afraid of it. It could be a big help to have that accountability.

    1. Heather, absolutely. I've had to learn to accommodate and modify to honor my body so there's no way I'm going to do something that will risk injury but I definitely would enjoy the challenge of trying new things and seeing just how far I can go.

  3. Getting fit is hard! Eating healthy alone can give you a big headache. My thing is carbs. I have to keep them under 105 g. a day. My favorite veggies are potatoes and corn, and both are loaded with carbs :(

    I hope you make it into the boot camp!

    btw: I love Susan Powter and am still doing her "Building Strength With Susan Powter" and "Moving With Susan". They may be ancient, but they're the best for full body strength training and step aerobics.

    1. Vicki, My husband was diagnosed with diabetes a few years ago and he was in for a shock when he realized how much carbs there were in corn and potatoes. He still struggles with peas which are green and, in his mind, shouldn't have a lot. As for using Susan Powter's DVDs, tried and true makes perfect sense. I think I'll see if my local library has any copies of her workouts on the shelf. :)

  4. Hope you get into the class you want! Always nice to have a change and a challenge.

    Cool that you got benefits from the diet change even when the change wasn't as drastic as you meant for it to be. Looks like it's working!

    Joy's Book Blog

    1. Joy, I'm hoping so to. They said they would tell everyone via email within 48 hours and we're closing in on 24 hours so tick tick tick but I'm remaining hopeful. And it's not like I'll stop exercising if I don't get this bootcamp opportunity.