Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Weekly Weigh-In With a Gain . . . oops

I know I didn’t post last week’s weigh-in.  I did lose some weight again but this last week, thanks to my birthday and regaining a pound before I even started eating my way through my birthday. 

All told, I regained 3.5 lbs.  Ugh.  But you know, I think it was worth it.  Mostly because, you know, rosewater ice cream is worth it in my book. 

Anyway, I gave up on The Firm Zip Medicine Ball kit a week earlier than I had planned.  Between Holly’s health issues and the stress, I simply couldn’t motivate to do something I didn’t enjoy doing.  Yes, there are elements of the workout I like but I can easily apply those elements to my own routine without suffering through theirs.  I just couldn’t face it another day. 

Which is why, on 1 April, I began doing my morning yoga again.  I am beginning with a series of sun salutations. My intention was to build up to ten and then do my usual free-form yoga practice.  It was working and I was enjoying it.  In fact, even when I spent the night at my son’s home, I did my surya namaskars before anyone else woke up.  It was lovely.  But yesterday I noticed a slight twinge in my right ankle (around the anterior talofibular ligament, for those who are interested) and the twinge quickly turned into a sharp pain.  I had to stop my series before I was finished. 

This morning, the twinge came back.  So I went ahead and found the free No Excuses workouts and chose one of Jonathan’s because he usually focuses on the upper body.  It was a good choice and I got a good workout in even though I had to sacrifice my morning yoga as a result. 

I really miss the boot camp.  I sent in my before and after pictures hoping I would be the lucky one chosen, knowing that I probably would not be.  And I wasn’t.  Odds were not in my favor.  That’s okay.  If nothing else, I’ve proven myself to be resilient and resourceful.  I’m not going to give up any time soon.  I just need to readjust and get back into the swing of things. Every day matters and today I was dripping sweat again.

And it felt goooooood!

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Weekly Update--The 52nd Birthday Edition

This is what I woke up to
on my birthday--a rose,
a card, and cookies.
This has been quite a hectic week.  On Monday, I went into the office expecting things to be quieter, mostly because the doctor was on vacation for the week and there would be fewer patients as a result.  I was mistaken in my expectation.  By week’s end, another person had quit.  And I don’t mean she turned in her two week notice; I mean she just didn’t show up at the office, didn’t call in sick, didn’t answer calls, nothing.  She just quit.

This does open the door a bit for me to wedge my foot in, to maybe get myself into a position to take on more responsibility and maybe, just maybe, get myself on the payroll. 

Wednesday I spent the night with Joe and Erin and Bibi and Matt (or, as I like to say, Joe & Co & Matt).  This is something we’d been planning for quite some time and I was looking forward to it.  Coordinating things was a bit more challenging than we had hoped.  Between Rob’s work schedule and my “internship” and the electrical problems there was no easy way to make things happen.  But making things happen is not about ease.  Joe picked me up and we went to the supermarket to buy all the things we needed to make lasagna.  It was my plan to cook a meal for Joe & Co and Matt.  I don’t follow a recipe, however, so there’s no telling how it would come out.  Everyone assured me it was delicious. 

This is Catina who, apparently,
is shy around strangers
but not too shy that she didn't
settle herself down on my magazine.
We watched Frozen, which I enjoyed very much, but it was then late enough for Bibi to head off to bed.  Then the adults stayed up and played Dominion, which I highly recommend.  It took me a while to figure out the game and, by the time I felt like I was getting the rhythm of it, I was too tired and headed off to bed where I could snuggle with Bibi all night long.  I didn’t sleep very well but I allowed myself to sleep in a bit.  Still, I was awake before anyone and I took advantage of the solitude.  I did my morning yoga, which the cats, Butters and Catina, found fascinating.  Butters batted my face when I was in downward dog and Catina peered at me from behind the medicine ball, confused and curious by what this weird human was doing.

I would have loved to linger, to have coffee and breakfast and play with Bibi all day long.  But that was not to be.  The electricians were coming over to replace our fuse box and return our house to full power because we had lost about 1/3 of the power in the house. The great room, the hallway, several outlets and half the lights in the kitchen and the front light and . . . we really needed to have the fuse box replaced.   But because of the scheduling of everything, I had to leave super early, get back home so Rob and I could hustle the dogs to doggie day camp.  (It’s still hard to believe that just a couple of weeks ago we thought poor Holly was going to no longer be with us.  We’re still tracking her every movement, by which I mean bowel movement.)   After we dropped off the dogs, Rob dropped me off at work. 

Snowdoll & Holly
received a good report card.
Now picture this:  I sleep poorly and I wake up early.  I go to work for a few hours and Rob picks me up, brings me home where I change so we can go out for lunch (salad) before picking up the dogs and taking them to the off leash park.  We were trying to stay out as long as we could but the dogs were tired.  Apparently they are elitists, playing mostly with one another.  Rob swears that huskies recognize “their own” and tend to play together.  When we would drop Snowdoll off alone, there was another white husky and the two of them would play together most of the time. 

Try as we might, we simply had no choice but to bring home the dogs before the electricians were done.  Fortunately, neither of them was afraid of dogs and the dogs were too tired to be much of a nuisance.  It was a long day, an exhausting day, and it was the day before . . .

New additions
for my permanent library.
Friday was my 52nd birthday, and it was lovely.  We had a relatively quiet day.  Mostly because we were busy cleaning house, getting ready for the gathering the next day.  My mother had sent me a few gifts.  I waited to open them until we could be on the phone together so she could hear me open up the boxes. One box contained The Complete Far Side and the other The Complete Calvin and Hobbes.  Then a third had a lovely Raggedy Ann doll holding several bits of sparkly goodness—a couple of necklaces and some pretty earrings. 

Foreshadow:  Rob and I are working in creating a way I can organize all of my wonderful sparkly things and you can expect to see a picture of some of my collection soon. 

Coldstone Ice Cream
One of the things Rob really wanted the two of us to do was go to Cold Stone Creamery.  I’d never gone before so we made a trip to the nearest place where we both made our choice.  He ordered something from the menu while I chose my own mix-ins—French vanilla ice cream with toasted almonds and coconut served in a bowl dipped in chocolate with coconut.  So yummy.   Too much, however.  I couldn’t finish it.  So I had to bring home about half of what I had ordered.  In fact, that’s practically all I ate all day.  I only ate some vegetable chips and a few stale crackers the rest of the day because the ice cream really was too much for me. 

Note:  If Rob and I ever go back, we’ll agree on the same thing and share.  We’ll look like one of those too-cute-for-words couples because, as much as we may not want to admit it, we are that too-cute-for-words couples most of the time.

Raggedy Ann doll.
We were up late, baking cakes and trying to prepare the house for the guests.  There was still so much to do but exhaustion kicked in and even a good book couldn’t keep me awake.  The next morning, although I let myself sleep in late, I was still up a little early enough to walk around the house and start quietly panicking about how much more we had to do before we would be ready for our guests.  One cake wasn’t even started!   And we had to steam clean the carpet and I needed to dust a few things and . . . and . . . and . . .

We made it happen.   We went to Starbucks so I could get an almond croissant and a coffee cake and a chai tea latte.   Rob and I split the pastries and they were yummy.  We probably both needed the sugar rush to get through the mad dash to pull things together.  Truth is, we didn’t succeed.  We cleaned up as much as we could, baked a cake, and settled for however things were because, when you invite people you love into your home things don’t have to be perfect and there’s room for all the chaos of what is normal.

Gifts wrapped by Rob
for me me me!
Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

Joe & Co went to pick up Shira, even though I hadn’t heard from her.  She hadn’t RSVPd for the party and nobody had heard from her so I wasn’t sure if she was busy, maybe had a convention out of town or something.  I didn’t want to presume on anything and when she didn’t send me a text or call me on my birthday.  Erin took the initiative although I didn’t know why my daughter didn’t take it.  But that didn’t matter; all that mattered is that she was here, with us, to celebrate my birthday. 

The only way the day could have been more perfect is if Marc were here but he began graduate school on Monday and a trip to Georgia for my birthday was too much for his University of Chicago student-self.  Fokes and his girlfriend, Cat, and his dog, Maggie, arrived.  Fokes is anther Foster-Parent-Failure in that he wasn’t definitely looking for a dog but opened his heart and home to a puppy just as we had done with Holly.  Kanika and her darling husband showed up, which was such a gift because he is allergic to dogs.  They couldn’t stay long but they stayed long enough for me to receive a gift, share some wine with Kanika, and have some chips and dips and such.  They left and, shortly thereafter, Matt arrived and shortly after that Mary arrived, bearing tulips.  Purple ones no less.  And later still Thomas arrived.  And much later still, Chris arrived.  (We had only one “yes” who was a no-show but, truth be told, I didn’t really expect her to show up so when she didn’t . . .  <insert shrug here>)
Marc is a graduated student
and already under the books
(or book, as it were).

There were naps (Cat and Shira).  There were games.   There was food and fun and I got to talk to Marc and Love for a little while.  It’s good that next week won’t be so hectic.  It can’t be. I don’t think I can survive another wonderfully full week like this one.  Oh . . . did I mention I got my hair cut on Tuesday?  Nope.  See?  Even when I try to write all about my week I end up leaving off a few details because that’s just how overflowing with goodness my week was.

And it was another long and exhausting day

Music from Rob
Playing Dominion
Wine for me
Shira drawing
Playing Dominion
Playing Apples to Apples Kids
Playing Avalon