Sunday, May 11, 2014

Weekly Update: Four More Years and Counting

This is the necklace I wore
when we went out to dinner.
This week, Rob and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary by going out to Red Lobster (I am not a fan but we were given a gift card so there we went).  We split an appetizer then Rob had something with shrimp and lobster while I had mussels.  A little salty but not inedible.  We even ordered a dessert which we didn’t finish and he ate more than I did because I wanted to go for some frozen yogurt.  I even brought my rosewater with me and sprayed some of my yogurt with the rosewater.  It was lovely.  So delicious.  Such a good idea. I may start packing rosewater with me everywhere. 

The rest of the week was a bit more hectic than usual.  For one thing, there was a meeting at the office on Monday and, even though I am an unpaid intern, I wanted to be there.  Some things were said that made me feel more optimistic about things because, truth be told, the office is in a chaotic state and there are a lot of unhappy people there right now.  That optimism quickly withered, however, as things seemed to almost immediately return to the status quo.  I was also asked to come in on Friday so instead of coming into the office only 3 days, I was there 4 days. 

No makeup
This sort of impinged on a commitment I had made to proofread a manuscript but, in spite of the unanticipated changes to my schedule, I managed to get halfway through.  My goal is to finish it before the 21st and, all things considered, I think I should be okay.  I say this in spite of my knowing that this upcoming week has a few surprises in store for me.

You see, last week there was the PTA meeting and, because the kindergarten classes were performing, I had to be there.  I wasn’t about to miss out on seeing Bibi in all her glory.  I think there will be pictures but I have none at this point.  Monday there is an awards ceremony.  Then Tuesday there is a party at the school.  The party overlaps with the dog training so I’ll be going to the party with Erin while Rob and Joe and the dogs go to the training.  And I will go to the office three mornings this week.  And today is Mother’s Day.  See?  Surprises in the upcoming week but I’m supposed to be writing about last week.

I love how she crosses
her paws.  She does this a lot.
Then there is Holly who seems to be full of surprises.  Her diarrhea returned and now we know we simply must change the dry food she is eating.  This led to a trip to the store to see what our choices are.  Obviously, we wanted to find something with less fiber than what we are already using.  We picked up a couple of new toys, with Holly specifically in mind because, let’s face it, Snowdoll is simply not a toy-loving dog.  And it looks like we may have her digestion back on track.  But how many times have I said this only to be horribly surprised yet again?

As a result of her endless intestinal issues, my exercising has fallen off track.  She seems to like to do her thing where I exercise which means that area of the carpet is typically damp from being steam cleaned.  One day I had the misfortune of not timing my workout well and it wasn’t that the carpet was damp but because I waited to start exercising too late and Holly, after being taken outside twice already, just ran over and squatted down. 

It’s hard not to take this a little personally. 

And, truth be told, the biggest surprise for me from this week is that I am so happily married and with this amazing man for fourteen years.  Nobody thought it would last and there was a time when I ended things with very good reason.  But life is full of second chances and I have to say I’m glad I gave Rob a second chance.  The last four years have been amazing.  Who knows?  Maybe we can make it last another four more years!