Sunday, June 08, 2014

Weekly Update: Things Just Keep Getting Crazier

I nearly broke the DVD
player this week.
One day this week, we were walking around the neighborhood when Rob said, “This year has been crazy.”  I had just been saying that to someone else not too long ago and here was Rob reiterating my very thought. 

This week confirmed that Rob and I cannot and should not expect things to not be crazy any time soon.

Monday, I walked into the office hoping that there would be a place for me.  You see, the person who worked the front desk area had turned in her notice just before I left for my trip.  But I wasn’t around to be trained to do anything so it was not a surprise to find a new person sitting behind the front desk.  Talk about lousy timing.  Maybe if I had been home instead of visiting family, I could have interjected myself. 

Bibi drew me a
birthday cake.
But we couldn’t afford for me to continue going to the office for nothing.  I’ve been going in three mornings a week since March.  The arrangement when I went in for the job was that, because I do not have actual experience, I would shadow the biller/coder the doctor hires who would, in turn, train me in how to code using the doctors software.  In March, I mostly filed paperwork, created folders for said filing, and answered and made phone calls.  No coding.  In April, I did all of the other stuff plus I started doing data entry type work.  Still no coding.  In May, I began being a little more aggressive about everything, hinting to the biller/coder that I want to code, creating a letterhead for the doctor’s office because the one created by someone else had two errors in it (which I suppose is still better than none, I suppose), collected quotes for various needed office supplies, and explained to the doctor that I can type around 100 wpm so I should be the go-to person to type up letters. 

I love the way Holly sits.
When I left for my trip, I had done no coding but that’s neither here nor there.  Rob and I had determined that our budget simply could not afford to keep taking me into the office, especially with fuel rising as it does every summer.  We agreed that, if I could not talk with the doctor before I left for the day on Thursday, I would send her a letter explaining why I could no longer show up at the office while explaining that I need at least a stipend if not an actual salary.

I was walking out the door on Thursday when the doctor and the consultant she hired to get the office running more smoothly sidetracked me and explained that they had just a few minutes ago discussed offering me a job.

Don't I look thrilled?
I don't because I know
I have to have my pic taken.
That’s right.  After six years of searching for work, I finally have an offer.  Or I sort of have an offer.  Until a quoted salary is presented, until I sign my name on the dotted line, I’m still not well and truly hired.  I’m excited that I’m so close but I’m realistic too.  I’ll only go three times a week as I have been, only for the mornings as I have been.

It looks like I’ll be working a real job starting Monday, 16 June, at the latest.  I would imagine the doctor and her consultant will have a more solid offer by the end of this week, I’m sure.

That was Monday through Thursday but there were more surprises in store for us.

On Tuesday, my son announced the release of the print version of his book.  Surprise!  Rob asked Marc to autograph three copies for us.  And that’s when Marc said, “Okay.  I’ll bring them down with me on the 13th” even though we didn’t know he was coming for a visit.

My son with
his book.

Twenty-four hours later I learned he would not be coming down alone.

Surprise surprise!

So last week I not only found out that I may have a real job soon but I found out my son and his friend are coming for a visit.  Yay!  How crazy is that?   Of course this means that this upcoming week will be nuts. I’ll be cleaning up and getting things ready for our company (who will both be here from the 13th through the 22nd) while probably learning some new things at the office.  And, assuming my expectations are at least close to being accurate, with my son and his friend arriving on a Friday, I’ll be working most of the time they are here. 

Or maybe not.  I don’t really know what to expect when I go into the office but I do know that my week will end on a high note with my son here to make the next week crazier than I expected.  How crazy?  Well, that’ll wait for next week’s weekly post.

Footnote:  In case you've forgotten why Rob and I would be thinking our year has been crazy . . . two snowstorms (in Georgia), we were told Holly should be put to sleep, she had diarrhea and more diarrhea and still more diarrhea while Rob was out of town no less, then my birthday and our fourth anniversary and the trip north, plus dog training classes, electrical problems requiring having a new breaker box put in, and I am sure there are other things but I've forgotten them because, really, isn't this enough?  And now, in the next two weeks, I'll start a job (learning new things in a new role), celebrate Rob's birthday, welcome my son and his friend here for a nine day visit, and have a lot of fun.  It promises to be crazy and busy and wonderful.