Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Weekly Weigh-In: Excuse Me While I Limp

Last week my knee started hurting.  Not a surprise to anyone who knows me.  More surprising, I suppose, is that I went pain free for so long.

That was Wednesday.

Saturday, when I went to bed, I noticed this:  My left leg is significantly larger than my right.  I pressed my finger into my swollen leg.  Not edema.  So what is it?  What is causing me to limp along for days and days and days?

I don't know.

It hurts and I have to be careful how I move it.  The swelling goes down when I sleep and is not exacerbated if I stay off my feet, keep my leg elevated and such.

Unfortunately, I started a new yesterday so staying off my leg is not an option.

As for exercise, I was too busy with having my son and his roommate hanging out here and Rob's birthday and such to really get much done.  A little yoga here and there but then, when my knee started hurting, I didn't do much at all.  There's no excuse  for it really. Sure I can't do cardio and I may not even be able to do things like yoga or squats but I could be doing upper body work and, if I can ask Rob to help me off the floor, I could even do crunches.

Tomorrow I'll map out an exercise routine that will allow me to do something.  Today, not only will I limp my way through another day in the office but, hopefully, I'll remember to take something for the pain.  Thankfully, the office is closed on Wednesdays sooooo . . .

Weekly Weigh-In

Gained back all of the weight I had lost after visiting my mother.  Bah humbug.