Friday, September 12, 2014

Weekly Quotations Part 31

Quoting Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better.”  (203)

Self-image is inseparable from the culture that creates it.  (204)

A rigid ethical system also blinds us to unattractive parts of ourselves, such as lust, envy, greed, hatred, and selfishness, which makes them less manageable.  We’re repeatedly assailed by news reports of holier-than-thou politicians who get caught in sexual imbroglios.  When we learn to recognize these all-too-human tendencies in ourselves, without shame and denial, we have a chance to steer them in more beneficial directions. (205-206)

Once you understand your personality style, you can also benefit from knowing the five mental “hindrances” that everyone encounters on the road to self-compassion:  grasping, aversion, weariness, agitation, and doubt.  (207)

Quoting Ajahn Brahm
When you visit someone in the hospital, talk to the person and leave the doctors and nurses to talk to the sickness.  (222)

The key question is “Am I meeting more and more of my life experience with kindness and understanding?”  That is, how consistently do you respond to yourself in a kindly way when things go wrong?  (222)

Religious faith—faith that there is a God who cares what name He is called, faith that Jesus is coming back to earth, faith that Muslim martyrs go straight to Paradise—is on the wrong side of an escalating war of ideas.  (80)
It does nothing to merely declare that “we all worship the same God.”  We do not all worship the same God, and nothing attests to this fact more eloquently than our history of religious bloodshed. Within Islam, the Shi’a and the Sunni can’t even agree to worship the same God in the same way, and over this they have been killing one another for centuries.  (86)

[B]illions of other human being, in every time and place, have had similar experiences—but they had them while thinking about Krishna, or Allah, or the Buddha, while making art or music, or while contemplating the beauty of Nature.  There is no question that it is possible for people to have profoundly transformative experiences.  And there is no question that it is possible for them to misinterpret these experiences, to further delude themselves about the nature of reality.  You are, of course, right to believe that there is more to life than simply understanding the structure and contents of the universe.  But this does not make unjustified (and unjustifiable) claims about its structure and contents any more respectable.  (89)

The Lady and the Peacock by Peter Popham
And if she had not been out at work, perhaps the second tragedy in Suu’s young life might have been avoided.  (169)

Quoting Aung San Suu Kyi:  Buddhism . . . places the greatest value on man . . . Each man has in him the potential to realize the truth through his own will and endeavor and to help others to realize it. . . .  (264)

Quoting Aung San Suu Kyi:  We want a better democracy, a fuller democracy with compassion and loving kindness. . . . We should not be ashamed about talking about loving kindness and compassion in political terms.  Values like love and compassion should be part of politics because justice must always be tempered by mercy.  We prefer the word ‘compassion.’  That is warmer and more tender than ‘mercy.’  (296)

. . . the 2006 film about informers in communist East Germany, The Lives of Others, gives a good idea of the Burmese situation.  (321)

According to the teachings of Buddhism, a good friend is one who gives things hard to give, does what is hard, bears hard words, tells you his secrets, guards your secrets assiduously, does not forsake you in times of want and does not condemn you when you are ruined.  With such friends, one can travel the roughest road.  (328)

Before I say Goodbye by Ruth Picardie

Went to see Evita the movie, starring Madonna. . . .  Eva Peron died of breast cancer and guess what:  the c-word isn’t mentioned once.  The great unmentionable.  (6)

It feels good to have a friend who is sick too.  God knows, I wish you weren’t, but there’s a level of connection that even the most supportive friends can’t achieve.  (9)

From a letter from a reader (Susan Davis):  I hope that you are surrounded by people who love you, and who can support and hold your hostile and despairing feelings, and also be with you when a little bit of joy comes creeping in, against all the odds.  (48)

From a letter from a reader (Gabrielle Page):  So often reality is a let down. (55)

From a letter from a reader :  [M]ost of all he was a selfless family man who was loved and respected by all that met him.  He adored us, the kids and my mother.  At the same time, he never suffered fools and was intolerant of superficiality.  He would never pretend to like people that he despised.  (93)

Further Out Than You Thought by Michaela Carter

[H]er life was whole, and not any of it, not one jot, could be removed for the rest to exist.  For her to exist—which is what she wanted now, to be here on this earth, right where she was, walking through the cold shallows.  How much time had she wasted trying to throw her life away?  (275)

You make a choice you think is right, you move in a direction and before you know it, you’re treading water in some mad effort to stay afloat.  (277)