Friday, March 27, 2015

21 Day Fix Day 20

Meal 4 steamed chicken & carrots


No yoga again today because Rob had an early start.  Used the bike and did the 21 Day Fix Dirty 30.  The side plank with leg lift is impossible for me.  Still.  For now, anyway.  Next week, when I take a week off from 21 Day Fix before starting my second round, I’ll be working on my abductors and adductors. 

Meal 5 tuna with tomatoes and orange bell peppers

Eating six times a day is easier said than done. Today I took a much needed nap (because of the night sweats that keep disrupting my sleep) and slept through my third meal. I still had my first serving of fish but I skipped the second.  I would have slept longer but had to use the bathroom.  While doing the 3 Day Quick Fix, you drink a lot of water.   Not that I don’t always drink a lot but I have been drinking more because I keep wanted fresh vegetables and fruit.  Yes, even fruit. 

The truly significant victory for yours truly came yesterday when I was putting together Bibi’s Easter basket.  All the chocolate and jelly beans and temptation as I filled over 30 eggs with mixed nuts, stickers, stamps, goldfish crackers, and a variety of chocolates and I didn’t eat even one of them.  Not one piece.  Not even a tiny M&M.  I have set aside a stash for myself and Rob to enjoy on my birthday.  And enjoy we shall! Just eight days from today.  Oh boy!

Meal 6 ground turkey with mixed vegetables


This past week, my ketones haven’t been good.  No signs at all.  Not sure if this means I’m not burning fat or what.  I’ve been avoiding the scale so I can be more surprised on Sunday.  Now I have a sneaking feeling that the surprise won’t be mind-blowing.  I may need to increase my food intake.  That has always been a problem for me.  Because of how the program is designed, this means I’ll have more vegetables, fruit, and carbs as well as more peanut butter.  (BTW, I could easily have something other than peanut butter;  I just really like peanut butter. LOL!)

We’ll see how it goes.  Sunday morning I’ll do my official final weigh-in and take my measurements.  Then take some “after” pictures to compare with my before pictures.  But the journey isn’t quite over and I’ll be doing 21 Day Fix again starting 6 April.  Round two and counting until I reach my weight loss goal.  This is my year to finally reach that goal.   


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    1. Thanks Betty, but to be fair, I am going to be able to enjoy some on the 4th so resisting now was easier because I saw indulgence on my immediate horizon.