Friday, October 23, 2015

London Part 2: Day 1

Rob was still not eating but definitely feeling better. Nonetheless, I went to the National Gallery without him. I took a picture of this painting. Remember it because it will become increasingly important in the coming weeks.

That afternoon, Rob met with a friend we had made last time we were in London. I was unable to join them and I still feel badly that I didn't get to hang out with the three of them but I had a wonderful time at the gallery so I really cannot complain.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Leaving Amsterdam for London

Rob was no longer throwing up constantly so we were able to fly to London with no incident. Needless to say, I'm glad we had decided to call the doctor the day before. Next time, we're calling the doctor sooner. A lot sooner.

Isn't there a rule that you have to take a picture of the clouds from the window of your plane? 

We didn't do anything that evening except go to the local market, buy some food, and make ourselves something for dinner.  But at least Rob was eating, or trying to eat, anyway.  We bought soup for him and some Indian food for me.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Amsterdam Day Six: Our Last Full Day

Rob finally made it out of the hotel room. FINALLY! But not until after I had already gone to the Van Gogh Museum without him.

I saw this shirt in a shop window and I am still sorry I didn't immediately go inside to buy three--one for myself, one for my friend Pia and another for my friend Love. 

Near the museum, I saw this. I did not see the artist anywhere around.

I took the picture of the cat for Bibi.  The following are pictures of the garden and part of the mural as seen from our window.

My dinner.  Eating alone again.  I have a feeling that everyone figured I was traveling alone because there was little evidence that I wasn't.

The wallpaper in the restroom was especially fun.

Rob's leaving the hotel room means we finally have pictures of me.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Amsterdam Day Five: Rijks Museum and Fancy Hotel Dinner

Another attempt at providing food for Rob that he could eat.

There were flowers everywhere, which was unexpected. 

I am not a unique snowflake.

I made it to the Rijks Musuem but didn't take many pictures of the art because I figured I have a book with pictures that I can visit whenever I like but I was intrigued by these stained glass windows.

Can you see the Vermeer painting?  No? Neither can I.  It took me 20 minutes to finally see it. 

Yes, it was worth the wait.

My museum haul.

Still trying to get Rob to eat something.

This is the night I went to have dinner with my mother and my stepfather.  Their hotel was stunning and I could have taken a million pictures of the building, the lobby, the suite, and more.  But here's a picture of a huge fig.

Showing off my arms but there was no comment made.  Oh well.  Maybe next visit.