Saturday, April 30, 2016

5 Day Real Food Detox Day 5 & Results

The last day of the 5 Day Real Food Detox and I was stuffed.  I couldn’t even finish the dinner!  I definitely felt like I was losing some weight but I never felt famished. Okay, there was one day where I was hungry but most of the time, just when I started to feel like I could stand to eat a little something, it was time for a snack or another meal. 

Truth is, I wasn’t expecting remarkable results either time.  The first time I did the detox, I lost 5.8 lbs and was shocked.  The following week, I did not eat well at all because we had company and Rob really wanted to make a dessert for us.   I regained a few of the lbs but not all of it.  Which is why I had lower expectations for the second time doing the detox. I mean, how could I expect similar results at my age? 

I love 5 lbs doing the detox this time.   If I had not regained any of the weight, I would have lost over 10.8 lbs.  Instead I lost “only” 7 lbs. 


I have some concluding thoughts about this detox, which I will explore next week when (if?) I have a little time to write things out.  I feel I’ve learned a few things about myself along the way, things that I want to embrace and make a part of my daily life.  Not overnight but gradually, over time, because I cannot deny that I enjoyed giving this detox a try and was surprised that even my husband enjoyed most of the dinners we shared. Yes I will need to tweak some of the recipes because they are too spicy for me and I am still searching for that perfect black bean burger recipe.  But don’t be too surprised if you read about my doing this detox again next later in May.  Nikki Sharp recommends doing the detox once a month and I have some thoughts about that as well.  As I said, I want to write a post.  I just don’t have sufficient time today.

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